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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Southpass: If you build it . . . they still might not come

Posted By on Wed, Sep 10, 2008 at 10:25 AM

If you begin at the Fayetteville Square, and drive in any particular direction, it is pretty easy to come upon a “development” which has gone belly up. More than at any other time, in fact, Fayetteville is littered with the remains of planned developments.

In many cases, actual human beings lived where we now have unsightly fields, barely kept up - rarely visited by the good folks from Code Compliance.

There is no particular reason to believe that the massive Southpass development will give us anything  but more of the same.

I sure as hell wouldn’t waste any taxpayer money by building any kind of a park out there, until I saw that anyone was actually living there.

Building parks for developers - haven’t other cities been criticized for doing just that?

Well, yes, they have.


Half a million dollars shortfall? We’ll just get it off the Money Tree Department

Sounds like Brother Dan wants to throw the hard - and unpopular - work of getting Fayetteville’s budget back into line onto the City Council. Why? So he can have clean hands when folks complain when their budgets are cut?

Leadership in the 21st Century.

I guess they could start by cutting Dan Coody’s  travel budget . . .


Keeping America Safe - one state border at a time

We’re going back to Oklahoma next week, a place with bad roads, bad newspapers, and strange political candidates.

While in Elk City I picked up a flyer for Dan Gambill, who is running for Oklahoma State House (District 60). Those who care about issues will be pleased to know that Comrade Gambill stands for the death penalty, securing our borders, lower taxes, fiscal responsibility, and protecting our children.

Wait - “securing our borders”????

I was never all that good at geography, but if memory serves, Oklahoma is surrounded on all sides by folks from what we like to refer to as the United States of America.

Unless he was talking about people like me - Arkansas folks. And then there are the Texas folks to contend with, not to mention the other states that border on Oklahoma.

Sounds like Dan has quite a crusade on his hands.


Quote of the Day

It should be clear to any student who might be considering a career of humor that after he has written his arm off, for funnier or for worse, even his best friend will still ask, "When are you going to do something really important?" - E.B. White, "Every Day is Saturday"


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