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Friday, October 10, 2008

Telecomm Board angst

Posted By on Fri, Oct 10, 2008 at 10:15 AM

I’ve been thinking a lot about the Telecomm Board, and my future on that board. It’s a conversation that I’ve had largely in my head, because I get of lot of, “We need you up there!”

I”m not vain enough to think that it is me personally that people need “up there,” but someone who votes as I do. Well, there has been a real shortage of people applying for the open positions lately. A lot of that I ascribe directly to the current city administration, trying their end runs around the TB. There is a certain amount of “Why should I bother?” going around.

I could go two routes here - I could go all lofty and political, or go the low and the selfish.

Yeah, I’ll go the low and the selfish route.

The simple truth is that I have put a lot of projects on hold over the past two years. Admittedly, when Tracy was diagnosed with cancer last year a lot went into a holding pattern, but I didn’t have that excuse either before she got sick, or since she has recovered.

I like to claim that committee meetings are the bane of my existence. Well, they really are. I actually like serving on committees that have short life spans, with pre-determined goals. But because of the shenanigans of the Coody administration, the TB has found itself in crisis mode much of the time, creating the need for meeting after meeting after meeting . . .

But they are all on camera, which is good. The people of Fayetteville have a right to see how decisions are made. Not everything has been resolved, and there may well be stormy days ahead, especially if the city tries to have closed door meetings with certain members of the TB.

Much as I hate being out here in this small town, I’ve had the luxury of working on my personal projects. I’ve been working on my play. I’ve been working on a few articles I’ve been meaning to get to for over a year, and I’ve been working on my third book.

When I return to Fayetteville, I’ll begin working on a political documentary for C.A.T. that I’ve been trying to get started on for over six months.  I have put this on the back burner too many times, as well as segments of my show, for TB business. All too often  it has been the most time consuming monster of any particular week. And I’m not just a TB guy; I am interested in all aspects of Fayetteville life.

You have probably guessed by now that I intend to resign from the TB. Well, yes - much to the delight of Dan Coody and Susan Thomas, no doubt - but only because they are very short-sighted.

Though Coody and Thomas don’t realize it, I have actually been very restrained in my public writings about Telecomm business in Fayetteville. Now that I will no longer be on the TB, I can really let ‘er rip, as the saying goes.

But I have been torn for sometime whether it was appropriate to be writing at all on these matters while on the TB. I came to the conclusion some time back that I had to, especially since the city seemed incapable of giving what I felt were straight answers to some of my questions.

Even so, it made for an uncomfortable relationship with the city, and I am well  aware that some of my fellow TB members were not that happy with my writing on the side.

But honestly, none of that really is a factor in my decision. Truth be told, there are a whole of reasons that I am choosing to resign this particular month, after all this time. But the main reason can be laid down at the door of my own selfishness.

I want to concentrate on my writing,  and my productions at C.A.T.  I can probably do more good that way. I can certainly do myself more good that way.

Now I just have to write to the Telecomm Board . . .


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