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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Comedy Tonight: I should vote for Dan Coody because he wants a wood-fired hot tub?

Posted By on Sun, Nov 23, 2008 at 1:54 AM

Under the section of his pro-Dan Coody website - - Matthew Petty lists several of the reasons that Dan Coody “gets it.” While dismissing Lioneld Jordan’s telling the Sierra Club that among the things that he had personally changed to help the environment included mowing his lawn less and composting, young Petty writes a love sonnet about Dan Coody:

Dan, on the other hand, drives an efficient car, rides an electric bike, likes living in small homes, and is designing an off-grid house with a wood-fired hot tub.

Okay, I’m glad that Dan has the money to indulge himself. It’s at times like this that I have to actually consider that many of Coody’s really think that everyone has the money to do such things, and simply choose not to do them. Suddenly a lot of the snobbishness on the part of many Coody supporters begins to make sense.

And the paragraph concludes with a savage - all right, it’s more comic than savage - attack on Jordan.

Lioneld slugs Red Bulls and bottled water on the campaign trail, and Dan tried to ban bottled water from the city budget.

Doesn’t he know that Red Bull gives you wings?

And what’s up with “Dan tried to ban bottled water from the city budget?” Do I sense some revisionist history coming out of City Hall?

Young Matthew is also pretty darned upset that the Sierra Club endorsed Jordan, and not  Ed Begley, Jr’s newest friend.

To insinuate that Lioneld is a better environmentalist because he has the Sierra Club's support is to ignore the expertise of the very active environmentalists listed above, including myself.

And the Washington County Green Party? Now the truth can be revealed!

(Also, the Washington County Green Party made their endorsements primarily on social and unionization issues, not environmental issues. I know because I was asked the same questions as a City Council candidate. As I said before, the Campus Greens endorsed Mayor Coody.)

Damn those social issues.

I’m not sure what “unionization” issues are - couldn’t you have just said union?

Well, if Jordan wins on Tuesday, I expect that young Petty will be YouTubing frantically that very night, pledging his troth to the new administration.

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