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Friday, January 30, 2009

Stop the Presses! John Boozman is in Hog Heaven!

Posted By on Fri, Jan 30, 2009 at 11:29 AM

It must have been a frightening few weeks before the inauguration  for John Boozman. After all these long years of not having to think for himself, was he going to have to begin 2009 being his own man, going his own way, without any guidance - or was he going to hide under the covers, refusing to come out until someone told him how to vote?

Well, thanks to the inspired “leadership” of men such as John Boehner and Eric Kantor (who seem, in turn, to be taking their intellectual cues - such as they are - from Rush Limbaugh), Comrade Boozman can again spend the next few years never having to think for himself, or asking  any questions.

Disaster is averted!


The Boozman Blog

I read Boozman’s “blog” from time to time, and it’s the strangest thing I have ever read. Is it supposed to be from him? Because if it is, and he likes to refer to himself in the third person, this guy’s got some serious issues.

As it is, it’s just pretty blah, standard press release stuff. Aren’t blogs supposed to be fun?


Are you looking for guidance, or are you just lost?

People have been making cruel jokes about the photo of John Boozman on his website for years. The kindest explanation for his eyes looking upward is that he is looking to Heaven for guidance   - though he just sort of looks like a guy lost in the woods.

All those big words! John! Eric! Tell me how to vote!


Quote of the Day

There is something about an open fire, bread and butter sandwiches, very strong tea, yellow fog without and the cultural drawl of English voices which makes London very attractive and if I had been fascinated before, from that moment I loved it dearly. - Isadora Duncan 


Book of Revelations - another interpretation

I don’t spend an awful lot of time thinking about the Book of Revelations, believing as I do that it is all a bit silly - but maybe that’s just from overexposure to all those horrible History Channel “documentaries” about it.

But I read a lot about the mounting rage and hysteria on the part of those who lost the last election. Not the party professionals, but on the part of the Orcs, led by the likes of Sarah Palin and Rush Limbaugh, who may soon emerge as the leading lights of the Right, simply because no one on the Right with any common sense has the guts to stand up to them.

If there is some conflict coming, maybe it’s a conflict between the intelligent  people, and the Orcs of the world.

And who knows? Maybe you could even link 2012 to all this - in some vague, catastrophic,  money-making, History Channel-duping kind-of-way.



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