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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Blanche Lambert Lincoln shafts working-class Americans - yet again

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"We need workers and we need business at the table if we are going to get this economy back on track, and I don't think discussion about the Employee Free Choice Act has helped us do that," Lincoln said.  -

There is a certain intellectual and moral bankruptcy to the “everyone deserves a place at the table”platitude  that politicians who like to straddle the fence like to spout, as if they believe it makes them appear wise. Well it doesn’t. Besides making them look terminally naive (and that’s putting it nicely) it also makes it look as though they honestly don’t understand that some have earned their place at the table through dint of hard work and dedication, and some have, well, bought their seat by -  well, by paying for it, I suppose.

If that seems overly simplistic, consider this:

It ain’t a free buffet, and those with the money get the better menu, and most of the time, the better service.

And what happens when we are all seated at that same table together? Blanche Lambert Lincoln is more than well aware that the workers end up serving dinner to the folks who remain seated at the table, if they haven’t been knocked underneath it altogether, that is.

The same argument, I think, goes for those on the local level who argue that environmentalists and developers all deserve a seat at the table. Bitter history has taught us who remains seated, and who gets the drumstick, and who gets the wishbone - if that.

Breathes there the soul so naive who actually believes for one second that Lincoln would have supported this bill? And I’m sorry, but the unions were out to lunch  if they thought for one second that this woman was ever going to consider voting on behalf of the American working class on this issue.

This woman talks the talk, but she has never really walked the walk when it comes to working class issues, whether it be union issues or bankruptcy legislation. What’s she worried about this week? The Estate Tax.

Maybe it’s time we stopped telling ourselves that Blanche Lambert Lincoln is the best that we can do.


Quote of the Day

It should be clear to any student who might be considering a career of humor that after he has written his arm off, for funnier or for worse, even his best friend will still ask, "When are you going to do something really important?" - E.B. White, "Every Day is Saturday"


Idiot! You read the damn book!

The name of the book that Mark Warren and I are discussing this week on C.A.T. is Alan Dean Foster’s Glory Lane - not Glory Road.

The book was sitting right in front of me the whole time, as I was writing the piece, too.

Thanks to all the vigilant readers - and fellow science fiction lovers - who caught that mistake.

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