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Monday, April 20, 2009

The Hanna Affair - the Florida Perspective

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“Bonita Springs millionaire mother faces federal charges of abducting her daughter” is typical of how the headlines read in Florida.

From the Naples Daily News - April 16:

 . . .  The day after Brooke Hanna was to return home, Donna Hanna's lawyer filed an emergency motion for temporary custody. An affidavit by Naples family counselor Dianne Durante stated the teenager was uncomfortable living with her father, had flashbacks to inappropriate touching and "is in danger from her father."

In an interview with the Daily News soon after his daughter went missing, Burt Hanna scoffed at those allegations. He said similar claims had been made to child welfare services in Arkansas but that none had been confirmed.

How many claims have been made in the past about this?

Naples News - April 15:

The two were last seen in Fayetteville, when they urged a deputy to prevent Brooke from returning to her father's custody. They borrowed the car, a cream-colored Chrysler 300 with Arkansas plates, from a friend.

What was the deputy’s response? Was their request taken seriously, or just blown off? A lot of questions are being raised among readers on the Naples News website, questions that don’t seem to have been raised among readers (or reporters) here in Northwest Arkansas.


Naples News readers have questions for those of us in Arkansas

The following are postings from the Naples News site, in which readers are free to post their comments. While many comments are highly critical of Donna Hanna, there are several that are very supportive. In fact, more than a few read as though they may have been written by people who may actually know Donna Hanna.

The mother and daughter "snuck" back to Arkansas to go to the Sheriff's office and were told the Sheriff's office declined any investigation. If the mother only wanted to "kidnap" the daughter, why would she take the daughter back to Arkansas to try to get the Sheriff's office to listen to them? As posted above, there is much more to this story than reported. I don't want to hear what dad or mom have to say. I want to hear what the 15 (almost 16) year old daughter has to say. At that age, you are usually allowed some say in your custody arrangement.

And then there are these questions:

Why was Brooke afraid to return to her Dad?

Why didn't the deputy open the case with an investigation inquiry when a distraught Brooke returned with a plea for help?

Why wasn't the FL. counselor's statement regarding Brooke's fears of her dad enough to raise red flags?

Even if every allegation and fear is unfounded, why did a caring Mom and terrified Daughter have to flee instead of being heard and protected by the Fayetteville AR. courts?

Was the voice of the Mom not heard by the courts on previous occasions?

Were earlier allegations of inappropriate behavior by Mr Hanna, the Dad thoroughly investigated? "Old boys network", as the Father of this Dad was a mayor of that Hometown, of Fayetteville, AR.


Quote of the Day

I've never in my life met a publisher who would make a pimple on the ass of a good reporter. The fact is that publishers don't know anything about readers. The disjunction between the
people who put out newspapers and the people who read them is a problem we all face. Most publishers think they can learn about readers by hiring semi-sociologists to give them focus groups. Whenever a publisher opens his mouth and begins a phrase, "Our readers," you can leave the room. - Pete Hamill (1998)


Hijacked! Fayetteville's So-Called Anti-Taxation Tea Party:  commentary from Al Vick

Fayetteville’s Al Vick has some interesting (and, as always, well-written) thoughts on last weeks Tea Party on the Fayetteville Square on his blog this week

Yesterday, I checked out the so-called anti-taxation Tea Party that took place in front of the Town Center on the Fayetteville Square. Actually, I didn't really attend the event, but since I was in the immediate vicinity and was curious about what would be said and how many people would show up for it, I popped in once in awhile.

Fortunately, I got to enjoy the company of some Green Party folks and other progressives who apparently, had the same curiosity about the event as me. Their good humor and insight helped improve my mood considerably, especially since my annoyance with tea-party organizers continued to grow as the starting time for the program grew nearer.

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