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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Fox News Edge: We’re Shocked! Shocked, we tell you!

Posted By on Wed, Apr 29, 2009 at 10:26 AM

So I don’t know if if the anchors had left their brains at home, or were just putting an audition tape together for Fox Command in New York, hoping to move on to more lucrative lobs, but it was physically impossible to watch more than a few minutes of last night’s “news” program, which featured  Dana  Sargent and her cohort whining about the fact that a gay activist group had posted the information found on petitions in support of putting the infamous Act One on the ballot online -

They included interviews with some of those who signed the petition, who were aggrieved that this information could be so widely seen. The anchors solemnly - or as solemn as someone on such a show is capable of being - seemed morally outraged that this could be done.

Would it not discourage others from signing petitions in the future? What? Well, gee, isn’t this,  like, public information?

One who signed the petition felt it was like someone going behind them in the voting booth and telling folks who they voted for. Well, no, not really. 


And, of course, the Ted Baxter Award goes to . . .

Did I actually hear one of the guys they interviewed say he didn’t even remember signing the petition? I guess moral “outrage” and preening for the camera must have gotten in the way of actually paying attention to what the people were saying.


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