Monday, June 29, 2009

Johnny Tittle the new Chief Deputy for Washington County Tax Collector? Somewhere, Wayne Fincher in smiling today

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There’s just something so wonderful about having Johnny Tittle, former King of local Christian Talk radio, and and as close to a radio mouthpiece for the Militia of Washington County as one might find, being appointed to the be David Ruff’s Chief Deputy.

They met at the same church, you know. 

I think we all remember the Militia of Washington County. The guys who loved property rights, hated gun control, the United Nations, liberals, and, oh yeah, taxes.

And if these folks needed to get the word out about any of their views or activities, the place to go was Johnny Tittle’s radio show. In fact, on at least one occasion Johnny bragged that he thought that ultra-right-wing columnist Mike Masterson was getting some of his ideas from him.

I don’t know. I’m sure that Tittle will work hard at his job, but  one person has suggested that this is sort of like hiring  someone from the Fayetteville Free Thinkers to do missionary work for Ronnie Floyd’s First Baptist Church.


Quote of the Day

Let us disallow being led into battle against our fellow global citizens. - Marvin Hilton


On the Air - Gay Marriage

This week I’ll sit down and talk with Vickie Kelley, who has been in a committed relationship since the mid-1990s.

Though gay couples are barred from marriage in Arkansas, in 1996 Kelley and her partner chose to have a public ceremony, a sacred union which for them was as real as any legally-binding marriage.

Kelley will discuss their life since then, and her feelings about the bigotry that many gay couples face in this country.

The interview will feature moments from their 1996 ceremony.

Show days and times

Monday - June 29 (7pm)
Tuesday - June 30 (noon)
Saturday - July 4 (6pm)


The New Media: The Brave New World Beckons

Recently I took part in a presentation that  was given to the Senior Democrats of Washington
County on New Media. Also taking part were Dustin Bartholomew (, and Fayetteville Alderman Matthew Petty

Bartholomew's site is a popular one where many go for entertainment and political news. Elected to represent Fayetteville's Ward 2 in 2008, Petty has pushed the city to promote itself using social media.

Show days and times:

Friday: 3pm
Saturday: 3pm

C.A.T. is shown on Channel 18 of the Cox Channel line-up in Fayetteville.

Those outside the Fayetteville viewing area can see the program online at:

Programs shown on the website are seen at the same time as they are shown
on C.A.T.


Trying to figure out what to call the show

While we were editing the New Media forum, someone suggested calling it, The New Media: To Infinity and Beyond! But then we were mindful of just how much the Disney folk love to sue people.

Someone else came up with The new Media: Huh?  That works just as well, I suppose, since it changes so rapidly. Not sure how many would have appreciated the title, though.

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