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Thursday, February 4, 2010

C.A.T. Board at Crossroads: What if they DO have to go about finding a new manager?

Posted By on Thu, Feb 4, 2010 at 11:18 AM

The Board of Directors of Fayetteville’s Community Access Television (which is resembling nothing so much as an episode of Survivor of late) has a showdown this month with manager Sky Blaylock. Can they mend fences and keep the manager, or will stiff-necked pride and an inability to see the damage they have already done to morale create a vacuum which must be filled by a board which is having trouble even filling enough seats on their own body?

If worst comes to worst, and Blaylock leaves C.A.T., the board has two options on a manager search. One is rational, the other is not. Naturally, a temporary manager will have to take Blaylock’s position. Given the board’s abysmal history of putting their friends and neighbors on the board, expectations aren’t too high for whomever the board might pick as interim manager.

A proper manager search takes several months. You need to advertise the position in both statewide and national publications. You need to begin  the long, laborious interview process. You should also advertise the position on the listserv of the Alliance for Community Media (not that any of the current board are actually members, or are even on the list), You have to know what questions to ask a potential manager, other than,”Will you do the work this board is too lazy to do?”

The second way leads to disaster. You can simply put someone you already  know in the position, and bypass all the hard work of interviewing all those other folk.

I’ve taken part in several job searches for C.A.T., and even taken part in both approaches. When I say that the second approach leads to disaster, I know what I am talking about - and so do many long-time members of the organization.


Quote of the Day

I suppose you know the famous story of the writer who racked his brains [about] how to show, very shortly, that a middle-aged man and his wife were no longer in love with each other. Finally he licked it. The man and his wife got onto an elevator and he kept his hat on. At the next stop a lady got into the elevator and he immediately removed his hat. That is proper film writing. Me, I’d have done a four-page scene about it. - Raymond Chandler


Blanche Lambert Lincoln helping to promote my novel?

Senator Lincoln, ever one to protect Arkansas, is co-sponsoring the Murkowski Resolution, which would prevent the Environmental Protection Agency from regulating those pesky greenhouse gases.

A few years ago I wrote a science fiction novel, Freedom Run, about life in an alternate world, in which the United States has no EPA, but instead has an Industrial Protection Agency. I think we’re moving a little closer to that, everyday.

And yes, berserk reader, Freedom Run can be bought online or from your favroite bookstore.




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