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Sunday, February 28, 2010

UA: So nice to walk around a tobacco-free campus! Oh, wait a minute . . .

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Ever since the Fayetteville campus of the University of Arkansas was declared “tobacco-free” it has been a much healthier, much more sensitive place.  Deeper breaths are drawn, broader strides are taken, and there seem to be more smiles on the faces of the people passing by.

The campus just seems a happier, gentler place. It certainly is a lot more attractive.

Well, except for the hundreds, if not thousands, of ugly cigarette butts that litter the campus grounds now that the receptacles for disposing of the butts vanished when the “tobacco-free” policy came into being.

Butts along the sidewalk cracks in front of buildings, butts on the lawn, and butts galore outside the main bus terminal on campus.

The comfortable fiction that the UA campus is “tobacco-free” may work well with journalists  from local newspapers and TV stations who rely on press releases from authority figures. But honestly, there has probably not been a day when tobacco has not been used in abundance on the UA campus.

But the decision to remove the receptacles for the cigarette butts - well, that was just sort of lame. All that did was to ensure that campus beautification programs took a giant step backwards.

A good website on how to dispose of this crap:

To quote from the site:

Most cigarette filters are not biodegradable as many people presume. 95 percent of filters are made of plastic cellulose acetate and take many years to decompose.

To make matters worse, there are 165 chemicals in cigarettes that birds and other small animals ingest thinking that the butts are food. Ingestion can lead to starvation or malnutrition if the butts block the intestinal tract and prevent digestion, or accumulate in the digestive tract, making the animal feel full and lessening its desire to feed.

I, for one,  happen to like the squirrels running around on campus.


Quote of the Day

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