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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

We’ll always have Paris - now turn off that damn camera!

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While I intend never to threaten the standing of my own marriage by breaking my marriage vows, I am not one of those who view the world in such a narrow way that I think that if a politician (or athlete, writer, singer or what-have-you) cheats on their spouse it makes them automatically unfit for public office.

Besides the fact that’s none of my damned business, the truth is that too many leaders have strayed from the path of common sense. People being people, that is what we do.

News flash:

The Founding Fathers, whom the Tea Party and their ilk have raised to the level of godhood, often behaved in such ways that would shatter the tender psyches of the Tea Party folks forever and a day. But then again, anything that might threaten to shatter the psyches of folks who walk around with tea bags hanging off their hats isn’t going to keep me up at nights.

But there is the question of poor John Edwards.

I say poor not because he lacks monetary wealth, but because the First Bank of Common Sense obviously closed out his account a long time ago.

Having an affair while your wife has cancer puts you pretty close to Newt Gingrich territory, but participating in a sex tape with your campaign’s “videographer”????

Looking up and grinning at the camera while you are, well,  indulging yourself?

And it ain’t like it’s “Oh, she taped me without my permission” - she’s holding the damn camera, John!


There is just a whole lot to be said for discretion in these matters.

Don’t write things down.

Don’t text!

Don’t send naked pictures of yourself.

Don’t let someone video you while you are going boldly where . . .

And most importantly, if your spouse has cancer, show some respect.


Quote of the Day

As far as rearing children goes, the basic idea I try to keep in mind is that a child is a person. Just because they happen to be a little shorter than you doesn’t mean they are dumber than you. A lot of people make that mistake, and forget how much value there is in raw intuition - and there’s plenty of that in every child. They may not have verbal skills or manual skills yet, but that is no reason to treat them like they’re inferior little lumps whose destiny it is to grow up to be inferior big lumps like you. - Frank Zappa


Black Lung: An unwelcome visitor from the past returns - with a vengeance

According to the January issue of Labor Notes, Black Lung is once again on the rise in this country. This is primarily due to longer shifts (thus causing more exposure), as well as new equipment which throws up more dust.

How bad is the problem?

Over 10,000 miners have died from Black Lung over the past ten years.

My grandfather in Pennsylvania was a coal miner.

For more labor news:



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