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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Staycation: Let’s remove this stupid (and patronizing) word from the English language

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Can I vote for an immediate ban of the word "Staycation" and a prison sentence for whoever invented it? - From a British website.

It isn’t all that often I feel the need to have a word actually removed from the English language, especially in an age when so many speak in a sort of “Twitter-ese,” or Internet emoticons.  I suppose we should be glad that someone has taken the time out of their day to coin a word that describes a situation when someone is just too broke to go on a  real vacation.

A “staycation,” for those lucky enough not to have encountered the term by now (what? Have you had your head in the sand for the past year or so?) is the term that has been adopted by so many writers and television pundits to describe how, instead of taking a vacation to somewhere you’d rather go, you stay at home (there’s a motel you’d rather not stay in) and visit local attractions.

Hopefully, you live in an area that actually has local attrcatoins. Otherwise, you might be visiting the biggest pothole in North America yet again.  And what do you do when you aren’t taking part in your little day-trips?

Oh, yeah, you’re doing the laundry, taking out the trash, and taking care of all of the household chores that have gotten away from you during the rest of the year.

And if you are especially idiotic, you brag to your friends and co-workers about your brilliant plans for your non-holiday, and your boss knows right where you are. How many times do you think folks get asked to come into to work on their pretend vacations? A lot more often than you might think.

Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary added the term to its pages in 2009.

And who pushes this glorious idea on us? TV pundits and travel writers who have no intention of taking a Staycation themselves, that’s who. It’s for the plebes they are talking down to.


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