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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

KNWA’s political reporting: Come on, J.R. Davis, you can do better than that!

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This is the time year I love the most - the weeks before an election. It’s like anticipating Christmas morning. Though admittedly, sometimes you get a lump of coal rather than that train set, but that’s all in the game.

Along the way to casting my ballot (and learning the eventual results) is the political reporting. I’m addicted to Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow anyway - yes, I have a monkey on my back - but particularly so before an election.

This even extends to local news, though one is invariably disappointed.  Much of it is shallow, and tends to cover he said/she said matters, or just showing folks at home the latest attack ads, rarely addressing the issues that truly matter to them.

Possibly the worst TV journalist covering politics on the Northwest Arkansas scene is J.R. Davis of KNWA.

This “political reporter” seems far more intent on splashy visual effects and cheesy sound effects  (sound effects??!!) than actually delving into the issues that are driving the candidates, or the voters who support them, for that matter.

I’m sorry - when did sound effects belong on a news program that would like to be taken seriously?

What do we actually know about the candidates running for Congress? What are their stands on the important issues facing our country today? If you rely on TV for your news rather than reading newspapers or magazines, as terrifyingly increasing number of Americans are, you are left just as much in dark as before Davis began his segment.

It makes one ask the inevitable question: how much does J.R. Davis actually know about political issues? One can be forgiven for thinking that what we get is all there is.

Shallow reporting.

Cheesy sound effects.

Visual effects.

The world of politics is fascinating, and in an election season, people crave substance, not a reporter’s work that just leaves you annoyed.

One might think that someone at KNWA might understand how poorly-served the viewing audience is, but then the camera cuts back to grinning anchors, and folks seeking actual substance know that their cause is lost - at least at KNWA.

In Fayetteville, at least, we have the Government Channel and Community Access Television, where issues (especially those ignored or glossed over by the evening news) can be addressed in a full and comprehensive manner.


Quote of the Day

You never know how tough you are till somebody knocks you down and you decide whether you wanna get yourself up or not. - Sugar Ray Robinson, former middle-weight champion of the world


Oklahoma and Abortion: Bombing Women back to the stone age - Part II

Over Governor Brad Henry’s veto, the Neanderthals in the Oklahoma legislature have passed a bill requiring women seeking abortions to fill out a lengthy questionnaire before the procedure.

This questionnaire will include questions about their finances, education, relationships, their race  and reasons for seeking an abortion.

Information from the questionnaires will be posted on Oklahoma’s Department of Health website, though it is promised that no names will be revealed.

They are file somewhere, though, and someone will have access to them.  Eventually, those names will end up online.

Oh well, the Oklahoma legislators will no doubt shrug.


Oh, no, Walton Arts Center!!!!!!

I just heard the radio ad for a wine tasting event at the Walton Arts Center. All well and good, till one registers the background music, which is Henry Mancini’s great theme from the film, Days of Wine and Roses.

Well, that’s cool. I like Henry Mancini, and think more people should be aware of this work. But honestly, WACites, don’t you guys realize that Days of Wine and Roses is a movie about alcoholism?



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