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Monday, May 31, 2010

CNN: Why, no, we don’t want to point fingers at anybody - it’s not like we’re a news organization or anything . . .

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Watching the Junior Varsity folks on CNN this weekend, and two were discussing the nightmare situation in the gulf. One said something along the lines of, “I don’t want to point fingers . . .”

No, agreed her hapless cohort.

“I do!” I shouted at the television. “That’s your damn job!”  Long-time readers may have noticed that I tend to yell at my TV quite a lot, actually. One day I really will pull an Elis Presley . . .

The two happily ignorant CNN anchors may have actually hit upon an important truth for CNN, though - and for other news organizations as well, perhaps. They don’t like to point fingers. Hell, sometimes they don’t even like to ask their guests uncomfortable questions.

Best leave that to the likes of Jon Stewart.

Getting back to the pointing-fingers game, CNN, that’s exactly why I turn you on. I expect you to tell us who the responsible parties are, and trumpet it in loud letters.

The tragedy in the Gulf of Mexico sort of exemplifies CNN’s approach to tough news reporting. You ask a BP executive a question, the exec responds with an answer that literally begs for a follow-up question, and the audience waits . . . and waits . . . and waits . . .

But nothing happens. The correspondent either goes on to ask another question or thanks the guest for coming on.

I guess before CNN could begin to point fingers, they’d have to be willing to be more aggressive, and they just don’t want to take the chance on alienating their guests.


The Silence of the Cheneys

Of course, I also sort of expect CNN (and MSNBC, come to think of it) to have camera crews outside Dick Cheney’s house, and expect the former VP (who can’t seem to shut up about other matters) to come out and answer questions about Haliburton, offer and his views on offshore drilling.

Guess we don’t wanna upset him. He might cross the network off on his interview list.


Ah, Memorial Day - a day when no news happens!

An easy day for local news stations! Yippee!


Quote of the Day

Empathy is the most radical of human emotions. - Gloria Steinem


On the Air with Abel Tomlinson

Abel Tomlinson will be the guest on my show this week.

Recently the former Congressional candidate was arrested on charges of delivering hallucinogenic mushrooms to a police informant, and later charges of  disorderly conduct after he climbed a tree in front of the Washington County Courthouse to protest his arrest and the War on Drugs.

Since his arrest,  Tomlinson has officially begin his own church, the Psychedelic Pantheism Church.

In the interview, Tomlinson discusses his arrest, the church, and his beliefs. He also discusses the effect that the arrest has had on his life, and why he is so adamant in defending his beliefs in court.

Days and times:

Monday - (7pm)
Tuesday - (noon)
Saturday - (6pm)

C.A.T. is shown on Channel 18 of the Cox Channel line-up in Fayetteville.  

Those outside the Fayetteville viewing area can see the program online at:                                                                   

Programs online are shown in “real time,” meaning that they are shown at the same time as they are shown on C.A.T.



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