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Sunday, September 26, 2010

The non-profit money-go-round and the sheer hypocrisy of those who hold the purse strings

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Thinking back on the HIV Clinic’s battle with the Benton County Quorum Court earlier this year - ad even last year - I am reminded of the complaints of many in the non-profit world when it comes to those who invest any money in them at all.

These are tough times financially, and non-profits, just as they ever have, are scrambling across the country to raise money, and slashing their budgets in the bone in the process.

At the end of the day, they must present themselves to an agency or governmental body somewhere in which a Snidely Whiplash character will look down upon them and declare impatience that they they have not done more to wean themselves off public money (as if they don’t actually do anything for the public) and remind them that they have promised time and time again that they would do their best not to go back to the public well for funding.

The non-profit in question will grovel before the elected officials and make a variety of excuses that may well fall on deaf ears. After all, they have to be firm, damn it! They have to live within a budget, why can’t the wastrels at the non-profits. They have a responsibility to the public.

The non-profit folks are further publicly humiliated as more elected officials jump on the pile.

Yeah, well, these boys and girls who get their political jollies by jumping on non-profits also owe it to the public to be intellectually honest, as well, something you don’t see a lot of when it comes to non-profits.

Anyone who has spent more than ten minutes around those in the non-profit world can tell you how financially precarious the world is right now, and has been for a number of years. This is no secret, guarded over by savage monks, sworn to not let the world know of this.

It’s obvious to anyone who even casually reads the daily newspaper.

But even more so, many of those in local government also have a background in non-profits; many are still heavily involved with then. It is nothing but rank hypocrisy for them to look down their noses and act so judgmental, when the non-profits that they themselves are involved in are in the same boat as the non-profits they are castigating for not raising enough money.

The beauty of it all is, of course, is that the non-profits who come calling with hat-in-hand can never bring this up. It would be disrespectful towards those in authority, no matter how snarky or intellectually dishonest they are being.

It would be a moment to remember, of course, if someone from the audience were to stand up and cry out, “I accuse!”

Of course, that would be considered rude . . .


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