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Monday, January 17, 2011

My Great YouTube Adventure

Posted By on Mon, Jan 17, 2011 at 10:54 AM

So, yeah, I’m late to dip my feet into new media. Hell, by the time I explored Myspace, it seemed everyone else had moved onto Facebook.


Public access television.

Everybody else on the planet is there before I get there.

Same thing with YouTube, my new fascination. Isn’t it funny how you intend to just watch one thing, and suddenly an hour has gone by?

And, I swear, none of it is wasted time, is it?

A few years ago I was persuaded to post a couple of my pieces on YouTube, Ode to a Drive-In and Die, Baby Boomer, Die. Recently I’ve also posted a cooking show parody, which I’ll get to in due course.

Ode to a Drive-In

This is an eight minute piece I did on the lot of the old 62 Drive-In in Fayetteville, just before it was to be turned into the Wal-Mart SuperCenter which graces our shores today. I missed the screen still being up by just a few days.

I could have done this stand-up piece at any of the old drive-ins in our midst, but I felt like it should be done here, since Wally World was coming to this specific site.

I’ve done a lot of stuff I’m proud of over the years, but it’s this piece that seems to get the most attention (well, okay, this and my past-life regression - but you’ll never see that played again) when it airs.

People of a certain age just seem to relate to this video on a very personal level, and they often stop me on the street to tell me how much they enjoy it.

As I would reference the drinks from the concession strands I would keep making them larger, until at one point I talk about a” hundred ounce drink” - hey, they were pretty big.

Die, Baby Boomer, Die!

A few years ago I decided to do a “Short Take” at Community Access Television after deciding that, while sincere, most of them were just too damn serious.

I decided to dip my toe into comedy.

This wasn’t the first time, as C.F. Roberts and I had done some satirical skits on the health care debate last summer, and I have been writing what I have sincerely hoped had passed for humor since the early 1970s (starting when I was “Humor Editor” on my school newspaper) but but this was the first time I was solo before the camera.

This is just a rant about baby boomers being the most self-congratulatory generation in history, and how the younger folks are right to resent them. My railing against baby boomers gets more bizarre until I am led offstage by the able Ms. Heather Drain, who helped with this skit, as I shout:

“No, wait! Every baby boomer but me! I’m a guru! I’m a wise man!”

It’s sort of interesting how this has played out on YouTube. Comments range from:

This is pretty freaking funny!

All the way to:

we need a new hitler to wipe out these fucks have a holocaust so these people can be wiped out forever, as these vile creatures are nothing but cancers forced upon society.

Yeah. Lot of comments, not all dealing with the intended comedy. Some are actual arguments between viewers of the segment about baby boomers, and their worth to society.

If you’re a baby boomer with a thin skin, I probably wouldn’t read any of them.

Cooking with Richard

I’d been playing around with this idea for a few years. The idea of putting an entire jar of peanut butter between two slices of bread and doing whacked-out political commentary at the same time? What could be more perfect?

Thank you, Tea Party, for giving me so much to work with.

After a few dry runs at home - deciding on the sort of bread (you’d be amazed at how much advice you can get on this subject) I was ready to roll. I announced it as my video resume for the Fayetteville school system.

While slowly and carefully slathering (it takes about 11 minutes) the peanut butter on the bread, I expounded on the =virtues of the Tea Party and the conservative movement in general, and which subjects should be taught in school, and which shouldn’t.

When it was all over, I had a great big, not-so beautiful peanut butter sandwich to show for it. Naturally, I had to take a big bite out of it.

And that was about all I could handle.

If you are ever really, really bored one day, check them out.


Comedy on Short Takes

Fayetteville’s Community Access Television is a great place to try out your comedy skills, or your singing skills, or anything else you might like to show off to the public.

Come down and read a poem!

Call the good folks at 444-3433.


Quote of the Day

There are no political panaceas, except in the imagination of political quacks. - Francis Parkman



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