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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

My adventure with the Veterans Against Jihadism

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Profile all Muslim Airline passengers who will in advance, prove the legitimacy of their travel. - from: OUR PLATFORM / WHERE WE STAND. Veterans Against Jihadism -

Last year there was a tempest in a teacup when a couple of residents of Northwest Arkansas urged Bella Vista, long the hotbed of radicalism in our midst, not to allow Sharia Law to get a foothold in the Ozarks. They were even upset that Bella Vista might allow a Mosque to be built.

I have long avoided Bella Vista because of all the retired 1960s radicals who now make it their home, but this gave me even more cause for concern. A possible Mosque, this close to Wal-Mart headquarters? Or the golf courses?

It was in this spirit that I contacted the stalwarts of Veterans Against Jihadism, the group that Colonel Bill Duncan, the retired military man who spoke that night, belonged to. It took a few weeks of barraging them with emails - I can be a real pest when I want to be - but I finally got a response.

The good colonel would meet me at a Fayetteville fast food joint for coffee one morning, where we could discuss our plan of attack, as it were.

Now, Bill Duncan is a nice enough man; I’m not going to demonize him on that score. But almost immediately into our conversation was turned to the dangers of Jihadism. I was surprised he wasn’t looking under the tables around us.

He asked me what branch of the military I had served in, and I told him my father had served in the Air Force for over 20 years. I think I may have lost some points for my not being a veteran myself.

Things didn’t get much better when I suggested that what he feared in Sharia Law might well be comparable to Christian Reconstructionism, one of the more frightening movements in the country today, but which gets almost no press attention at all.

He looked at me like I was outer space, and perhaps a little beyond.

The high point of our morning came when he told me that he would be willing to be interviewed, but not to have his face on camera. I looked down at my coffee for a second and then looked up at him and said, “You do realize that this isn’t radio, don’t you, Bill?”

At was at this point that I was treated to the stories of death threats that he and “Elijah Abraham” - another leader in the VAJ - were often subjected to.

I just nodded my head, thinking of how I had already Googled this man, and seen how many times he had spoken before groups across the country. It was kind of late to close the barn door on this one, I thought.

I got the sense that he didn’t want the Muslims in Fayetteville knowing what he looked like.

“Okay,” I said. “There are things we can do.”

The interview ended soon after that.

Next came our game of cat-and-mouse, which lasted for several months. Comrade Duncan suddenly seemed to be on the road a lot, traveling hither and yon. Our emails continued for some months until he finally just stopped answering mine.

Ah well, you spend five minutes upset about the guests you don’t get, and more time happy about the guests you do get. Any other approach would land you in the madhouse.


Looks like I’m not going gonna get my Nazi, either

For the past year or so I’ve been trying to get Nationalist Party Of America member Billy Roper of Arkansas on my show. Our email flirtation has been long and entertaining. Roper, who is now running for president, likes being on television a lot. He was always telling about his appearances on such venues as Spike TV (and I guess the “History Channel” probably gets him on occasionally) and he sometimes invited me down to one of his rallies, where I could talk to him for a few minutes.

But like Colonel Duncan, I’m not sure that Billy wants to be in a situation where it is just a conversation for 25-50 minutes. Like the good colonel, my flirtation with Billy Roper is now a thing of the past.

Such is life, I suppose. I’ll try to get over it.


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