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Sunday, June 19, 2011

The sad day when I realized that Nationalist Party Of America’s Billy Roper was no longer my BFF

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Nationalist Party Of America’s Billy Roper (Russellville’s best argument for “Okay, so maybe something is leaking into the water"), fresh from his triumphal loss in the 2010 Arkansas Governor’s race, has now set his sights on the presidency of the United States.

After that? Well, there is always the Secretary General position at the United Nations to shoot for, and, failing that, maybe a jaunt over to Vatican City, where he might jog in place for a while until an opening comes up in the papacy.

Comrade Roper brought me up short last week with a quick reminder that it’s all fun and games until someone gets their feelings hurt.

I was ragging on the Veterans Against Jihadism after they evidently lost the nerve to come on my show. And then I mentioned my flirtation with Comrade Billy, whom I had also been trying to get to come on my show for some time.

A “supporter” of Billy’s - who evidently Googles his name every day looking for any new mention of him, happened upon my blog, whereupon Roper posted this response.

Nah, I just didn't feel it was worth my time to drive a few hours to be on a public access t.v. show with a very limited audience. Simply a question of cost/benefit. It's not my fault you're unable to hold interviews anywhere besides your, ahem, studio. As far as me being afraid of conversations or interviews going in depth, I spent an hour yesterday morning being interviewed for Newsweek, so no, that's never been a concern of mine. You just weren't worth it, sorry.

In a personal email, he also added a cautionary note, to “educate” me as to how to treat potential future guests, and that my “weak attempts at wit” would not help my show.

I suppose it’s a sad day when Billy Roper ( a guy who seems to think that exposure on Spike-TV will do him a lot of good) decides that you aren’t worth it.

Well, in lieu of the interview I’ll never get, I did manage to dredge up a couple of fascinating Roper posts from the website of The White Revolution. Word of caution: The language is rough. The only editing I have done is to put asterisks where one particularly offensive word is used.

January 21, 2009

If you think that you can come onto someone else’s privately owned website and call people whatever you like because you disagree with them, and then feel offended because we don’t automatically print every insult you hurl at us because in our estimation they contribute nothing constructive to the dialogue, then you have a truly pedantic sense of entitlement. This is not an affirmative action website. We don’t believe in equality, or in freedom of speech. If you don’t like that, then take your ignorant, uneducated, race traitor, n****r-loving whore self somewhere else, and talk about your mongrel mutt bastard high yellow whelps to someone who thinks they’re worth more than dog of good pedigree. We don’t…and I say that with a pleasant smile on my face.

January 22, 2009

Did I ever have black friends? Of course not, I’ve always had better taste than that. And don’t say that I should try it, that the experience would change my worldview, et cetera, because that rationale could be used to encourage everything from drug use to beastiality…which is basically what multiracialism is, by degrees.

Thanks for sharing, Billy.


On the Air with Paula Marinoni

Fayetteville preservationist/activist Paula Marinoni will be my guest.

Marinoni will be discussing the possible plans of the University of Arkansas to build a temporary access road across the lawn in front of Old Main, leading from Lafayette, for two years, so that work can be done on UA grounds.

She will also discuss the bridge on Lafayette, and whether it is up to the steady load of trucks for the next several years.

Show days and times:

Monday - (7pm)
Tuesday - (noon)
Saturday -(6pm)

Fayetteville Public Access Television is shown on Channel 218 of the Cox Channel line-up in Fayetteville, and on Channel 99 of At&T’s U-Verse.


Quote of the Day - okay, this one almost seems tailor-made for Billy Roper

I couldn’t wait for success . . . so I went ahead without it. - Jonathan Winters



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