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Thursday, August 18, 2011

And if Hillary Clinton had been elected instead of Obama? Would things really have been better?

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A lot of liberals have been experiencing “buyer’s remorse” in the past couple of years, wondering if they should have cast their lot with Hillary Clinton instead of Barack Obama. Surely, the argument goes, she would be able to get things done better than the man who currently occupies the White House.

True, Obama seems to dither when he should lead, and continually runs to the well of compromise, even though that source of hope has been well and truly (and cynically) poisoned by the Republican party, almost from the first day of his presidency, but I’m not sure that Clinton would have been any more effective.

Yes, she may have been more forceful in dealing with the GOP, but the racism that we see turned against Obama would merely be changed into sexism. We saw just a taste of this when Hillary Clinton was First Lady; it would only be intensified should she become the Commander-in-Chief.

Every nasty little rumor about her sexuality would be repeated and magnified a thousandfold. Every new rumor would take its place on the cover of every scandal sheet in every supermarket in the country, and on every nasty little website you can imagine.

The racist signs that some Tea Party members hold aloft would be replaced by sexist signs. Folks like Rush Limbaugh, who take such a delight in using racist code words, would really go to town.

Glenn Beck could talk about how Hillary Clinton “hates men, and male culture.”

Did the Clintons have Vince Foster killed? Moronic GOP congressmen would have a field day with that one.

We have a culture in which young and old Republicans talk about how “hot” Sarah Palin is (cuz, you know, cute but witless appeals to so many guys), but make cracks about older politicians like Nancy Pelosi either having plastic surgery or needing it.

Having Hillary Clinton as president would give the country a chance to show off our sexual immaturity for the entire world to see.

Feminism would be on trial.

No, things would not be better at all.


I know what might make things start to be a little bit better

If President Obama would fire all of the craven cowards in the White House he seems to be surrounding himself with of late, and stop drinking water from the well of compromise, which is a pretty humiliating image, especially when everyone knows the GOP continually pours bleach down the well.


And the Secret Service hasn’t paid you a visit yet?

A Tea Party chair in South Carolina posted an old joke about killing the Obamas on her Facebook page, and added. “If you’re one of [the] 256 million, pass it on,”

Yes, the 256 million who would like to see them dead.

Yeah, the joke in question has been going around for a few decades, but Shery Lanford Smith still thinks it’s kinda funny - especially when you throw in the president’s wife, I guess.

When contacted about her post, Smith pulled the tired old line:

“It’s just a joke. I had no idea it would be an issue.”

I suppose it’s one thing for a private citizen to pass along something of doubtful humor, but the candidate for Most Brilliant Political Activist of the Century didn’t see anything at all wrong with passing it along, what with her being local chair of the Tea Party, a group of people that so many have charged with racism.


Quote of the Day

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