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Monday, November 14, 2011

Speaking as a man, you repulse me, Herman Cain

Posted By on Mon, Nov 14, 2011 at 11:44 AM

You know, Herman, I have known men like you all throughout my adult life.

The man with the hair trigger temper (as in your press conferences) , the ignorant blusterer, the man who would bully his way through a crowded room.

You are the perfect “Strong Man” so many Republicans find so attractive right now, the sort of man who treats those who question him with contempt, and is living proof of what Mark Twain meant when he wrote that America was the only country where a man could proclaim that his ignorance was as good as another man’s intelligence.

I suppose I could live with that. But it is your thuggish behavior since the recent sexual harassment accusation furor began that has brought out the Herman Cain that I have seen in so many other men throughout the years.

Your behavior now - if not in the past - is abominable.

This has nothing to do with whether or nor not any of the accusations are true. Perhaps we’ll never know now, especially since we live in a culture in which the victims can be made to appear as monsters as easily as the man originally accused.

Your behavior since the accusations began has mirrored that of so many other men it has been my “privilege” to know over the years, men who react angrily when women report an unpleasant encounter with you, and then go about trying to smear their their reputation, either through your own words or by use of your enablers.

And as for the first women brave enough to use her real name?

She is “troubled”??? Attacking her because she has suffered the indignity of bankruptcy in her past?

The character assassins on Fuchs News referring to her “rap sheet,” as through she were a criminal? Informing the prudes of America that she has had an” illegitimate child,” as if this sort of thing should be a stoning offense in the 21st Century?

What’s next? Dredging up anyone who may have slept with any of the accusers? Maybe we can find out what they are like in bed. That’s an old ploy, going back hundreds of years, no doubt.

I’ve known lots of men, Herman, who were accused of some pretty bad things by women many of which turned out to be true. Time after time, the victims found themselves attacked, and their reputations smeared.

This is the ugly truth of how so many women are treated in the workplace, and in life in general.

The media - ever the eternal innocents - act like “blame the victim” is some sort of new phenomena, but I (and I’d be willing to be you have, as well) have seen it scores of times in the past.

Women have found their lives dragged through the mud, and almost every man in the world who is accused of an offense has his share of enablers. How fortunate for you that, at the moment, you fill a purpose, a need that no one else seems to fill in the GOP field.

So instead of people gossiping over the telephone, or swapping stories over a beer, your enablers go on national radio and television and attack your accusers, making it into a grand game.

After all, who gets hurt? Certainly not Herman Cain.

Rush Limbaugh gets to mock women in general on his radio show, and you benefit from that.

You go on late-night talk shows and trade quips with comics about the accusations.

Like so many other men, you revel in the glory of their enabling, literally too politically dense to realize that if another Strong Man were to to come along, you would be discarded in an instant, and forced to fend for your yourself.

Not only that, but you would be turned on and devoured by the same wolves who so bravely defend you now.

That’s okay, though. You are the current front-runner in a party that has never been particularly “woman-friendly.”

Be as arrogant and mean as you like. Maybe it will even get you the nomination. But then you’ll discover that the vast majority of Americans have no use for bullies, or men who make jokes about the things that you like to joke about.


Oh, but why are these women coming forward now?

People keep asking this question, as if unaware that most of the women are prevented legally from discussing the issue. Besides, when Cain was just a hack restaurant lobbyist the issue may not have gotten much traction.

But a man running for president?

Oh, yes, I think we’d all like to know about this - and have every right to. It’s not like he is just accused of taking an office stapler home, after all.


Why Dick Cavett is a better man than you are, Jimmy Kimmel

Last week I saw the grotesque image of Jimmy Kimmel trading quips with Herman Cain about the accusations, and was reminded of the time that Georgia Governor and staunch segregationist Lester Maddox walked off the Dick Cavett show in a huff.

Yeah, there were days when giants walked the earth . . .


Quote of the Day

Fools live to regret their words, wise men to regret their silence. - Will Henry



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