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Saturday, January 21, 2012

My perverse pleasure upon seeing Carolyn Long on MSNBC

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Okay, this is just sort of mean-spirited, but hey, how am I gonna earn some of that Sheridan Whiteside street cred if I don’t travel down these dark paths every once in a while?

Every so often - a whole lot, really - I see ads for a certain jewelry store op up on while I am indulging myself in my Liberal Paranoia, clutching my rifle and a copy of Saul Alinsky, enjoying the prime time offerings of that dreaded liberal cable network, MSNBC.

Just like clock work , the commercials appear, featuring former Jones TV host and television news anchor Carolyn Long, telling me that I can get rid of my not-so-timeless pieces of jewelry, and the good folks at this certain store will be glad to take them off my hands.

Okay, I know that the commercials are part of a package that are sold are seen on many stations, but I take a special joy in seeing Ms. Long appear during, say, the Rachel Maddow or the Ed Schultz programs.

And why might that be?

Ah, well, just too tiny little things - and that’s the problem with having a long memory.

The first goes back to the days of the failed Human Dignity Resolution in 1998, when Fayetteville made noble attempt to add gays and lesbians to the list of folks we don’t care to discriminate against here in what used to be referred to as “the Athens of the Ozarks.”

Citizen’s Aware, a group vehemently opposed to such shenanigans, managed to convince Fayetteville voters that should the HDR manage to stay in place, it would be a sign of some sort of apocalypse. One strange ad for the group read, “Keep Your Dignity - Vote Against Resolution 51-98.”

A less-than-charming television commercial featured former Channel 29 newscaster Carolyn Long, in which she told the folks at home, “Resolution 51-98 would tear down the tolerant climate that makes living in Fayetteville so enjoyable.” She went on to echo the phrase still uttered by so many in this country, “I believe in Equal Rights not Special Privileges based on sexual preference.”

Just that alone might one suspect that Comrade Long might be comfortable if any commercials featuring her only appeared on Fox, if on any news outlet at all.

Several years ago Long was a participant in one of the very popular round-table discussions (remember them?) on Fayetteville’s Government Channel. This one dealt with controversial programming on Community Access Television, as the access station was then known.

It was a fascinating and passionate discussion, with public access activists and writers basically facing some folks who had watched public access for ten minutes, if for that amount of time at all.

At one point Long made reference to the videos played on public access that demonstrated how to kill people.

I'm sorry? What?

Okay, it’s true. Public access television is produced by members of the community, and quality of production may often vary. Sometimes you may see or hear something that may make you want to go out and kill somebody - probably the guy who made the offending show, whether the subject be art, religion or politics.

But programs on how to kill people?

Well, I’ve only been watching public access for two decades; it’s possible something infamous slipped by and nobody knew about it.

Then again, on Jones TV, Bonanza (a show I love), one of their staples of programming - now there was a show which really showed folks how to kill people!

I really, really wish I had thought of that particular answer that night.

Anyway, like public access, I’m sure that MSNBC isn’t on the “favorites” list on Long’s channel guide. That’s okay, though.

She makes frequent guest appearances . . .


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