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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette: Dana D. Kelley’s Freudian Slip?

Posted By on Sat, Mar 31, 2012 at 11:28 AM

I have a recurring fantasy concerning Dana D. Kelley of the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, lurching into tanning salons with the unrelenting cry, “Untan me! Untan me!”

So that childishness aside, one can’t help but notice that Kelley has been unable to restrain himself from writing about race two weeks in a row. In a column charmingly titled “Duke deja vu” Kelley has used the Trayvon Martin shooting as the backdrop for his latest masterwork, to pull in:

The “fantasy crime” aspect of the Duke rape story, because, as Kelley points out to as, “white-on-black rape is almost nonexistent, according to the National Crime Victimization Survey data . . .”

Yes, because every woman who is raped reports the crime, doesn’t she, Dana?

The spectre of Political Correctness and pointy-headed intellectuals who would rush to judgment before all the facts are in.

The scary figure of Al Sharpton, who spoke up during the Duke case that actually didn’t turn out to be such a case after all, also came to us from the Tawana Brawley case, and here he is again, folks. You can do the math, and don’t forget to add in the letters MSNBC.

Oh, and the accuser in the Duke case was a “black stripper.” I know this is so because Kelley took pains to assure his readership (oh, god, I’m among them) of this fact twice. Not just that she was black - he was at great pains all through his piece to remind us of this - but she was a stripper, as well.

She was a stripper. Beyond redemption, at least in some people’s books, I suppose.

She is at this time incarcerated, facing a murder charge, something which has nothing at all to do with the Duke case, But hey, black strippers? If they can bring down innocent white lacrosse players they are capable of anything, I suppose.

And now, the Trayvon Martin case, or, as Kelley describes it, “ . . . the latest example of racial-polarization profiteering.”

In Kelley’s words:

Like Duke, where the story was tailor-made for media hype (privileged white boys rape black stripper) the shooting of unarmed black teenager Trayvon Martin by gun-toting neighborhood watchman George Zimmerman is easy to manipulate for gain.

Those pictures of an all American boy that the media loves to flash up on the screen? Well, Kelley says that “ . . . a much more ominous image . . .” appears on Martin’s own Facebook page. His baseball cap is cocked, and he is looking at the world in in a way that might well frighten people who don’t much about teenage boys and how they love to posture.

Lest you have forgotten the infamous black stripper, Kelley makes a clumsy attempt to link the Duke case and the current one - at least in the minds of racial bullies:

Like Duke, where the initial “victim” turned out to be a lot less innocent than originally portrayed (she’s currently behind bars facing a murder charge in her boyfriend’s death), unflattering details about Trayvon Martin’s life keep unfolding.

Yes, Dana, he got suspended from school.

Four paragraphs begin with the words “Like Duke . . . ” - making Kelley one of those “race hustlers” he writes of so contemptuously in his column.

I did like the name of the column, though.

Given that it was Dana D. Kelley who wrote this unpleasant piece, the title “Duke deja vu” did not bring up the image he might have hoped for in my mind.

My first thought was of David Duke of the KKK. Nothing I read after the title made me change my mind.


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