“Hello, I’m an actor pretending to be a regular person with a political opinion which may not actually be mine” - if “non-attorney” spokespersons have to say it, why not those on political ads? | Street Jazz

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

“Hello, I’m an actor pretending to be a regular person with a political opinion which may not actually be mine” - if “non-attorney” spokespersons have to say it, why not those on political ads?

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Living as we do in an age when folks will proudly proclaim, “Some of us don’t have time to read newspapers,” while still finding time in their busy schedules for sporting events, reality shows, Facebook “debates” and news programs from networks which pretty much only have one point of view (whether it be liberal or conservative), the number of TV and radio commercials we are getting from folks who would “educate” us on various issues must seem like, well, manna from Heaven for those who can’t fit reading into their tight schedules.

By golly, Pagan Reader, it can only mean that we have the most educated folks in the world when it comes to ;politics!

Well, not quite. Because a lot of what we hear has only a passing resemblance to what we usually call “reality.”

While it has become quite chic of late to look down one’s nose at those who don’t have the same point of view, or know quite as much as we do about we do about politics or history, using their ignorance as an excuse to call them stupid (which is just a reflection of an emotional need to call others names when they aren’t the same page as we are), the parade of misinformation Americans are subjected to has a lot to do with this with our national knowledge-car crisis.

We used to be able to blame talk radio and Fox News, along with a few hundred wacky websites, for the great numbers of folks who know stuff that just isn’t so. But now, withy the millions of dollars being poured into TV and radio, by groups the average person has absolutely no idea of, the situation is even worse.

It doesn’t matter which side of the political spectrum you find yourself on; you will, if you are exposed to enough advertising, find much that will annoy - and even dismay - you.

“People don’t like political ads. I don’t like them either,” an attractive woman tells us in a commercial that seems to run 600 times a day., “Obamacare just doesn’t work.” She repeats this one particular line repeatedly throughout the commercial.

One ad, for a candidate I have no particular problems with, has a woman sitting at a kitchen table, saying ,”I don’t know a lot about politics, but . . .”

Lately the rest of what she has to say is drowned out by my screaming, “Because you’re an actor!”

Which brings me to this.

Thanks to the free market system, we have a lot of folks suffering needlessly in this country, due to medications not working as they should, or which have side effects which are pretty ghastly. When we see ads telling us about class action lawsuits against the companies which have produced these Medicines of Mass Destruction, they are always accompanied by, “I am a non-attorney spokesperson.”

That’s sort of what I’d like to see or hear on the ads which purport to tell us about the dangers of Obamacare, the evils of Mike Ross/Asa Hutchinson, liberals, conservatives, the terrors of gun control, the need for gun control, the glories of natural gas, or really, anything of that ilk.

“Hi, I’m an actor, and I’m being paid to read these lines to you.”


“This isn’t really my kitchen, living room or even my house. These aren’t my kids, whose future I claim to worry about. In fact, I don’t even live in your state, county or city, and yet here I am, pretending to be one of you.”

“I don’t even own a gun.”

“I am an actor.”

“Obamacare works great for me, but I really need this paycheck.”


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