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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Sheriff Tim Helder gets support from Montana Oath Keeper

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llowing yesterday’s blog about the Oath Keepers, and Washington County Sheriff Tim Helder, I received the following email from Elias Alias (whose real name seems to be Franklin Shook) of the Montana Oath Keepers, along with a comment he was unable to post to my blog.

In the interests of letting all parties be heard from, I am including both his email and the comment he wished to share, which is highly complimentary towards Sheriff Helder. In addition to his work with Oath Keepers, Vietnam veteran Alias is involved with Oath Keepers on the national level.

Following his comments I have added some of my own.

From Elias Alias (Oath Keepers)

I do not use facebook, and did not have time to register with your newspaper, but before I learned that I had to do one or the other of those two choices I had written this into your text box for your readers, who will never get to see it now. However, it occurs to me that perhaps you would like to read this yourself. It never hurts to learn the truth. The SPLC which you reference in your article has just been dropped as a source by the FBI and Homeland Security. The SPLC is a biased fraud of an organization which cheerleads for expanded Federal government and a diminished status of the individual States. Any group, even a group which consists of military, police, and firefighters and Veterans, which suggests that evil men may have got into our government and perverted it from its intended service to the American people gets attacked by SPLC. See for yourself who we really are by clicking the link at the bottom of my unposted comment. Thanks:

The comment I could not post:

Good on Sheriff Helder! There are hundreds of Sheriffs, and thousands of Peace Officers on police forces around the nation, as well as thousands of military men and women and thousands of Veterans, and yes, even FireFighters, who are members in Oath Keepers. But I've got a great idea for readers here who want to actually learn who and what Oath Keepers really are - instead of going to that ridiculous yellow-rag outfit called the SPLC, why not go to the Oath Keepers website itself, where you can read about unlawful orders, the group's by-laws, info about United Nations' Agenda 21, studies about the Constitution, the rule of Law supporting the Constitution as this nation's highest law, and updates on current concerns such as the Bundy Ranch stand-off with the BLM in Nevada. Lots to learn, and all of it speaks against the government's police-state. Go see for yourself -

Elias Alias, Oath Keepers

Heirs to self knowledge shed gently their fears.


Then again . . .

On the other hand, despite the claims of many right-wing groups and news organizations, it seems pretty evident that the FBI has not severed their ties with the “yellow rag outfit” Southern Poverty Law Center. Indeed, from the FBI’s own website comes this:

“Public Outreach: The FBI has forged partnerships nationally and locally with many civil rights organizations to establish rapport, share information, address concerns, and cooperate in solving problems. These groups include such organizations as the NAACP, the Southern Poverty Law Center, the Anti-Defamation League, the National Asian Pacific American Legal Consortium, the National Organization for Women, the Human Rights Campaign, and the National Disability Rights Network.”

There is also fascinating reading material - which again raises some disquieting questions for Sheriff Helder - at the following site:


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