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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

“Where is the love you said was mine, all mine . . .” The GOP and its sudden need for emotional reassurance

Posted By on Tue, Mar 17, 2015 at 5:04 PM

t has become increasingly - and alarmingly - clear that for the 21st Century Republican Party, the only ideal candidate is a cross between Clint Eastwood and Richard Simmons.

Ranging all the way from once popular actors doing commercials for Israeli politicians to former mayors to preteens on the Internet, we have have a modern-day conservative culture which seems to demand that our Chief Executive/Commander-in-Chief emote like someone visiting the Jerry Springer Show.

Not only must Barack Obama love us all, but he must also love other countries, particularly Israel.

Time was that conservatives merely demanded that folks have business experience before seeking office in this country. In the past few years, that desire has morphed into a demand to see combat veterans run for office, but soon . . . and a lot sooner than we are all comfortable with . . . I suspect that desire may just devolve into the wish for a gibbering idiot who will just profess his love for any and all things American at the drop of a hat.

God help the 2016 candidate who doesn’t love - and I mean really, really love, baby - just the right kind of apple pie, the right kind of pick-up truck, the approved movies/TV shows (better start with American Sniper - Rat Patrol doesn’t count) and the short-list of approved presidents.

I’m sorry, but I really don’t give a rat’s ass if my president/senator/representative/governor/mayor/alderman or dog catcher loves me or loathes me. I just want them to do their damn job.

I want them to be smart. I want them to not only read books, but maybe even talk about them in their speeches, once in a while.

A sense of humour doesn’t hurt.

But love me? Love other countries?

No, thank you. I’m not that emotionally fragile.

And offhand, I’m not sure how telling one country how much you love them - no, folks, just telling them you like them and are glad they are around them isn’t enough for the modern-day GOP - would bode well for negotiations around the world. Would each and every country we need something from suddenly develop a case of the Tell me you love me, Junie Moon Syndrome?

Would our presidents have to break into the theme song from The Golden Girls (“Thank You for Being a Friend”) every time there is a state dinner at the White House?

This sudden need for emotional reassurance on the part of conservatives is somewhat perplexing, given that the Infernal Internet is rife with articles like:

Liberals Use Emotion Instead of Reason

Liberals are more emotion-driven than conservatives

The liberal machine runs on emotion. But what is the solution?

Ann Coulter ridicules Dianne Feinstein as a typical emotional, unreasonable liberal

Liberalism Is Fueled By Emotion

The Arrested Emotional Development of Liberals

The list goes on and on and on . . .

I do not know when the change occurred, I readily admit to being a little creeped out, that the Tough Guys of the political world have suddenly turned into sniveling children, unable to function without feeling that the president “loves” them.

Snap out of t!


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