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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Fayetteville Planning Commission: Helping businesses or engaging in social engineering?

Posted By on Thu, Jul 30, 2015 at 4:04 PM

Well, I suppose the next logical thing for the Fayetteville Planning Commission is to ask everyone who doesn’t live in the New York City of the Ozarks to not shop here . . . ever again.

Because, if the City Council heeds the advice of said Planning Commission, and agrees that business owners will no longer be required to provide a set number of parking spaces for customers . . .

. . . well, there goes the tax base. Okay, that's a little hyperbolic, but what the hell.

Then again, for those who are either reveling in the idea of forcing folks they have disdain for (yeah, I’ve read a lot of those snotty online posts) to either walk or ride their bikes to go shopping, or conversely, those who envision a Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome situation, in which Road Rage somehow morphs into Parking Lot Rage, as drivers compete for an ever decreasing number of parking spaces, there is something economic reality to consider.

It is nice for the person who can walk, take the bus, or ride their bike to the store for their vittles and such, but lots of folks don’t have that choice.

Many working class folks go to the store on the way back from work, or make a day of shopping, going to several stores in one trip.

Lots of folks from the Hinterlands come to Fayetteville to shop. You’ve probably heard of such far off lands, with the exotic names of Elkins, West Fork and Greenland.

maybe they should just take their hard-earned dollars to another city, if they can’t get with the program?

One can understand, and even empathize with - to a certain point - the desire to dabble in social engineering. And one can even understand how current parking rules might make it difficult for some new businesses. But when one planning commissioner can actually say this, "If you make it harder for them to drive, then they'll walk. If you make it easier for them to drive, they'll drive,” well, you know that somebody isn’t getting out much.

I could go on to say how the above statement is arrogant, elitist and snobbish, but I think the line speaks for itself. And also, arrogance, elitism and snobbery have no place in liberalism.

While I appreciate the bus service we do have in Fayetteville, it ain’t the best in the world.

Then again, while some businesses may well stint on on the number of parking spaces they provide, in such an environment, the business that provides the most parking spaces gets the most customers - especially the folks from out-of-town, who spend a great deal on their money in Fayetteville.

I guess I’m just a little annoyed today because of some of the precious posts I have seen online about the subject. The snarkiness about those who drive, either because they want to, or because they must, is nothing less than another form of bigotry.

I didn’t sign up as a liberal to listen to that kind of snottiness. let’s leave that to our conservative bothers and sisters, shall we?


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