Monday, August 8, 2016

Bikes, Blues and BBQ and the Confederate flag

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As much as I despise the Confederate flag and all it stands for, we cannot deny a right to visitors to our city which so many local residents - for whatever reasons - already take advantage of.

One would have to be from another planet not to notice the yahoos who drive around the New York City of the Ozarks, with not one, but two (n case one falls off?) Confederate flags attached to the back of their vehicles.

We’d have to be willfully blind not to see the guys (and it’s usually a guy - go figure) wearing a Confederate flag T-shirt in the mall, or the Dollar Store, or the local grocery store.

The horse is already out of the barn on this one, and while we might wish with all our hearts that folks didn’t have some dark emotional need to wave that particular flag for all and sundry to see, it is their right under the First Amendment.

And while the First Amendment is not nearly as venerated in America in the 21st Century as the Second Amendment, it’s still my own personal favorite in the Bill of Rights.

In an age when folks seem to have forgotten how to use the channel changer on the TV remote, or not pay attention to a book or movie they might not approve of, or have a speaker in their midst who talks about things which go against their world view - and liberals and conservatives are both guilty as hell of this - our first response so often seems to be, “If it offends me, then nobody else should be exposed to it.”

I am sorry when folks get offended, and even sorrier when idiots set out to deliberately offend people, but this is the price we must all be willing to pay for living in a free society.

I wish to God that the zealotry displayed on behalf of the Second Amendment could be seen on behalf of of its more important companion in the Bill of Rights.

Full Disclosure Department: Yes, my novel “Freedom Run” has a Confederate flag on the cover, but:

A) It’s a science fiction novel set on an alternative earth

A) Flag aside, the cover sucks, which is why I am getting it redone.


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