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Monday, September 5, 2016

Universities should not be “safe zones” for rapists

Posted By on Mon, Sep 5, 2016 at 11:54 AM

Call me old-fashioned, but I’m pretty sure that academic expulsion is hardly comparable to criminal prosecution, especially for a crime as vile as rape.

Alex Gladden, in an excellent article for The Arkansas Traveler (“2014 sexual assault motivates lawsuit” - August 31) laid the whole story out, followed by Jaime Adame’s equally excellent story in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette (“Data show UA’s response to sex violence cases” - Sept. 4), which laid out a damning case against not only the University of Arkansas, but all too many other universities across the country.

Although the rapist was sort of expelled, he was allowed to graduate before the expulsion took place, since he had earned all his academic credits. Official excuses have been offered.

And the young woman who had been the victim of the assault? She withdrew from a university which seemed to care more about the perpetrator than the victim.

She has since filed a lawsuit against the University of Arkansas.

Te facts of the case are all over the Internet; just check out Raymond Higgs, University of Arkansas, and a wealth of information will pop up.

And oh yeah, he was an athlete.

As was the victim, but her career seems to be cut short, since she withdrew from a school which didn’t seem overly that much concerned with her rights. Indeed, according to her lawsuit, UA officials had more pre-hearing meetings with the man who assaulted her than with her.

The whole thing smells, and doesn’t put the whole Title IX investigation process in a particularly good light.

Maybe I am simple, but why aren’t the little creeps who sexually assault women on campus vigorously prosecuted?

The story has also been chronicled in a segment of the HBO series “VICE.”

It is at times like this when one wonders, yet again, why so few of the sexual assault cases reported on college campuses actually get prosecuted.

Raymond Higgs, who claimed that there was “no way” a man could force a woman to perform oral sex, gets both an expulsion and his diploma.

The plaintiff drops out of school and is forced to file a lawsuit.

Make this right, University of Arkansas. Not just now, but in all future cases. Cuz sadly, there will be more.


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