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Monday, September 19, 2016

Really? You only want to live in a neighborhood where everybody is your political clone? Are you insane?

Posted By on Mon, Sep 19, 2016 at 12:35 PM

If you support Bernie, you’re off my list of friends. If you support Hillary I’m gonna unfriend you. If you say anything good/bad about Trump/Hillary I’ll banish you from my list of friends. While it might be nice to imagine that such juvenile prattle is confined to the arid wasteland known as Facebook, studies have shown that, increasingly, Americans are choosing to live in neighborhoods where most - if not everyone - on the street believes just as they do.

My wife and I share many beliefs, and that is just dandy, as far as I am concerned. But for me to insist that all of my neighbors be in lockstep with us is not only insane, it is also not just a little bit unAmerican.

My neighbor might put up a political sign which is the opposite of what we believe - but hey, that’s America for you. We have the right to agree or not. But the idea that someone might call their Realtor in a mad panic, seeking a new place to live because of such an action might well be a sign of mental instability.

Perhaps because I have been involved with a process which not only honors the First Amendment, but welcomes everyone, no matter their point of view, may be the reason I have no empathy for those who wish to live surrounded only by folks who will subscribe to their particular world view.

It’s fun to exchange ideas with others who see the world in a different way. Sometimes they may persuade you to see things from a slightly angle, and sometimes you might be able to do the same for them.

Oh, not in the childish way in which so many of us do so online, where childishly insulting others is the height of wit, but actually talking, and getting to know people.

But only surrounding ourselves on all sides with our intellectual clones seems to be a spectacularly boring way to live.

Just as i would never want to do my show where only liberals might see it, write in a forum in which only liberals would read it, living in a neighborhood surrounded by nothing but folks who see the world the same way as I do would be a form of spiritual death.


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