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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Time Tunnel Department: Arkansas legislature hurtles back to 1950s

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“Marriage shall be only between a man and a woman. A marriage between persons of the same sex is void.”

I know a lot of voters don’t read newspapers much, but can’t we at least expect our legislators to be at least a little but informed?

“License not issued to persons of the same sex. “

Then again, this can only be good for the Arkansas economy, what with journalists and activists from all over descending upon our state the first time someone tries not issuing a license. Can this be craftiness, under the guise of being dumb?

“It is the public policy of the State of Arkansas to recognize the marital union only of man and woman.”

“Small-government” at work, yet again.

“A license shall not be issued to a person to marry another person of the same sex, and no same-sex marriage shall be recognized as entitled to the benefits of marriage.”

Sigh . . .

“Marriages between persons of the same sex are prohibited in this state. Any marriage entered into by a person of the same sex, when a marriage license is issued by another state or by a foreign jurisdiction, shall be void in Arkansas, and any contractual or other rights granted by virtue of that license, including its termination, shall be unenforceable in the Arkansas courts.”

It’s not all bad news: if you’re a sixteen year old girl, you can still get married!

This bill, sponsored by a gaggle of the Folks With Bad Haircuts, would build a Trump-like wall around not only Arkansas, but the 21st Century, in a sort of hysterical moral brain fever.

Linda Collins-Smith, who sponsored the bill in the Senate, also proposed “The Arkansas Physical Privacy and Safety Act,” which, you know, protects innocent young folk from marauding transgendered folks. She said, “No child should have to worry that their school might change its policy to force them to shower or undress in front of a member of the opposite sex as has been the case around the country.”

You know, some of the folks in public office think about sex more often than the average patron of a dirty bookstore.

Of course, they have things on their mind as well.

One of the sponsors in the House, Rep. Richard Womack, sponsored the bill to “TO ALLOW SCHOOL DISTRICTS TO RECOGNIZE AND EDUCATE STUDENTS ON TRADITIONAL WINTER CELEBRATIONS.”

Gee, I wonder which “Winter Celebrations” he was referring to? The ever-popular Snow Days, in which folks get off from school and work?

Here is a link to the bill and a list of those sponsoring it. Surely these folks could spend their time working on real issues? I mean, like, we’re paying these folks, right?



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