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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

The Scowling One Chronicles: How Steve Womack voted last week

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Congressman Steve Womack, who seems to be operating on the child-like assumption that he only represents those who actually voted for him, continued “leading from the front” last week by vote in lockstep with the rest of the Republican Party.

On HR1101, a bill to allow small businesses to join together to form “association plans” which would qualify them to sell health insurance across state lines, The Scowling One voted to go along with rest of the kids, meaning that he cast a “yes” vote.

I will refrain from comment here, but instead will offer up part of a 2015 New York Times article written by Margot Sanger-Katz, with the headline,  “The Problem With G.O.P. Plans to Sell Health Insurance Across State Lines.”

The trouble is that varying or numerous state regulations aren’t the main reason insurance markets tend to be uncompetitive. Selling insurance in a new region or state takes more than just getting a license and including all the locally required benefits. It also involves setting up favorable contracts with doctors and hospitals so that customers will be able to get access to health care. Establishing those networks of health care providers can be hard for new market entrants.

“The barriers to entry are not truly regulatory, they are financial and they are network,” said Sabrina Corlette, the director of the Georgetown University Health Policy Institute.

In 2012, Ms. Corlette and co-authors completed a study of a number of states that passed laws to allow out-of-state insurance sales. Not a single out-of-state insurer had taken them up on the offer. As Ms. Corlette’s paper highlighted, there is no federal impediment to across-state-lines arrangements. The main difficulty is that most states want to regulate local products themselves. The Affordable Care Act actually has a few provisions to encourage more regional and national sales of insurance, but they have not proved popular.

To read the entire article:

TSO voted no on a Democratic motion which would have required health plans set into motion by the above to cover opioid abuse, as well as other forms of drug addiction.

This vote pretty much means that TSO has forfeited his right to say anything at all about drug addiction.



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