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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Congressman Steve Womack: Patriot or Sycophant?

Posted By on Wed, Aug 16, 2017 at 2:48 PM

Congressman Steve Womack of Arkansas, whose newsletters proclaim “From the Front,” has been given the chance to show not only true personal integrity, but also political courage, by standing foursquare against Donald Trump’s love song to the alt-right this week. Naturally enough, so far he seems to have ducked the opportunity, a fact I am sure will surprise almost no one.

Where at least some members of the GOP have come out strongly against white supremacists (if not quite having what it takes to take on Trump himself), The Scowling One seems be avoiding that altogether.

His tepid Tweet on the subject speaks volumes, both for what he says and what he doesn’t say.

“There is no place for this kind of hate in our country. We need to come together as Americans.”

Yeah, that’s it.

The man who “leads by example” couldn’t even bring himself to say which sort of hate he was discomfited by, which brought several strong responses on his Twitter page. Here are some of them.

“Which hate? The Hating of nazis and the clan or the hating of all that isn't t white and male. Please clarify.”

“Racism. The word is racism. Or white supremacist terrorism. That'll work as well. Btw, getting set up for your town hall on a remote island?”

“Gutless. Just like the rest of your Republican cronies. Those are the people who elected you & that you pander to on a daily basis.”

“This is the best you can do?”

“It's ur party. Ur weak & feckless. White supremacy is the face of the GOP. You built it. You own it. Domestic terrorists!”

Offhand, I suspect that TSO doesn’t read the responses to his Tweets, but perhaps he should. Perhaps he is like so many of the sycophants in Congress, hoping the situation will just sort of go away, so that he can safely go back to not representing his District?

Opportunities like this don’t come around every day. In fact, most politicians never face them. But this is Womack's chance, to turn that perfected scowl upon the president of the United States and tell him, at the very least, that there is a world of difference between a Founding Father and the men who led a treasonous revolt against this country.

If you are waiting for him to do that, well, as the old saying goes, bring a lunch. I have a feeling you’re in for a long wait.


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