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Sunday, January 28, 2018

I see you. And in my contempt and rage, I see only you . . .

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Years ago, when I was a regular listener of talk radio, there was a regular cadre of callers who would scan each morning’s paper and fixate upon any crimes that seemed, in their estimation, to be committed by minorities or illegal immigrants. The crimes of white folk, equally as heinous, escaped their attention entirely.

For them, the only crimes committed in our area were perpetrated by folks of a darker complexion than they themselves possessed.

This is the same demon which possesses many online (especially Facebook) who feel compelled to post news article after news article (no matter how distorted they turn out to be) and meme after meme, proclaiming the misdeeds of black people, gay people, liberals, minorities of all types, and, yes, those of the Muslim persuasion.

Especially those belonging to the Muslim faith. For these Lost Souls, there is what amounts to a Muslim crime wave sweeping across the land.

After each and every post will come the responses, ranging from racist and sexist epithets to cries calling for execution - often before a trial.

If you point out to them that an equal number of crimes may be committed by white men and women, the only response, if indeed there is one, is a collective “Huh?”

Either they do not believe it, or the mania requires them to believe that The Other is out to get them, to kill them, to take their jobs, to take their place at the university and to marry their daughters. They know it, deep within their bones, and it is their patriotic duty to sound the clarion call, whether they are posting half-truths or not.

Yeah, and these are the same stalwarts who mutter darkly about the Deep State . . .


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