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Sunday, March 4, 2018

And now, a moment of silence for those lawmakers in thrall to the NRA

Posted By on Sun, Mar 4, 2018 at 11:41 AM

Adding insult (contempt?) to injury, the Florida legislature not only rejected a bill to ban assault weapons, but immediately moved to the go to position for such lawmakers: a moment of silence for the victims of the Parkland shooting.

Because nothing says we care about a problem like offering up a moment of silence.

Indeed, GOP state senator Kelli Stargel offered up this bit of moral obscenity:

“Thoughts and prayers are really the only thing that’s going to stop the evil from within the individual that is taking up their arms to do this type of massacre.”

So maybe it’s time for us all to hold a moment of silent prayer for those elected officials whose sense of responsibility doesn’t extend to constituents who the victims of gun crime.

Along with rallies, how about massive pray-ins (to coin a phrase) for those who can only offer up cliches and moments of silence every time there is a shooting.

After all, if prayers are the recommended course of action on the part of lawmakers, then prayers asking that the cowering men and women in thrall to the gun industry will actually do their job might be a neat counter-solution to their self-serving silence.

Florida’s Stargel also claimed that banning assault-type weapons would be a “slippery slope.” Offhand, Senator Stargel, when faced with slippery slopes, well, that is when people have a right to expect you to put on your hob-nailed boots and tackle that slope.

Our thoughts and prayers go with you. Because really, if Heavenly intercession is the only way we can get you and your like-minded legislators to tackle this issue, well, I’m willing to give it a try.


Actually, I’m not sure even prayer would influence Congressman Steve Womack

Adding even more fuel to the suspicion that Arkansas Congressman Steve (The Scowling One) Womack doesn’t actually consider humanity when he votes comes the news of his vote blocking a Democratic attempt to debate two gun-safety bills (HR3464/HR4240).

Like all so many law makers who offer up prayers and moments of silence, The Scowling One had nothing to say when before the vote.

Perhaps he is praying that not too many people are looking at his voting record.


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Listening to Dan Fogelberg this morning, just to calm myself down.


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