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Sunday, October 8, 2006

Bill Walker's Interesting Campaign Stategery

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Bill Walker's Interesting Campaign Strategery

While I certainly consider myself a progressive politically, some of my equally progressive friends take umbrage with my political positions. For instance – I'm not going to vote for Bill Walker, the former justice of the peace who is running for Little Rock mayor. Is he really running? The evidence is sketchy. I have nothing against Mr. Walker and I know almost nothing about him. I do know he supported Huckabee in the last governor's race and he even did a radio spot. Not surprisingly, now he is a Huckabee political appointee. It would be cynical of me to say that his appointment was payback, and of course I'm not a cynic. I also know that Walker and his daughter have sued the Little Rock School District because she didn't get picked to be on the cheerleading team.

The Walker family also argued that school officials conspired against the girl [Walker's 15-year-old daughter], who had two dozen discipline referrals and three out-of-school suspensions in 2005-06.

The Walkers said school officials had arranged a signal to the judges -- a red ribbon in shoes -- to signal which students should make the cheerleading squad, but Moody said the evidence did not support the claim.

Interesting, in the same way a train wreck is interesting. I don't see the ACLU joining in on this one for some reason. I can't wait for the protest march.
    Let's just pretend we have no idea who to vote for or what the different candidates believe in. So, we go to Mr. Walker's website. We go to see what he lists as the issues he advocates. Hmmm.........its says his issues are:

Bill Walkers position on
Economic Development

Coming soon.......

I assume he will have that together by election time ( don't hold your breath)  Personally, I would have put an apostrophe after “Walker” to indicate possession, but if you have no issues and you aren't really running – maybe you don't really need the apostrophe.

Under “Plans for Little Rock”   Walker says:

I want us to be better educated and better trained city. 

Ah, the irony. To contact Mr. Walker, his email address is listed as:

That must be a new internet service provider I'm not aware of. I be he wonders why no one is emailing him.  I was curious what kinds of campaign events were planned -  so I looked under “Events”

Upcoming Events Coming Soon .......

He has plenty of time for some events, its days and days until the election. I know I'm being petty, especially since my own blog here is sometimes riddled with typos, but then again, I'm not paying anyone to edit my work as well. I just hope if elected his PR director would not be the same person who was responsible for the website content.
    Walker's theme seems to be crime and crime prevention. Being on the the state parole board, he knows something about this subject. Presumably, as a member of the parole board, Walker lets felons out of prison before serving there complete sentence. I have a great idea how Walker can cut crime. Stay on the parole board and stop letting felons of of prison. ( I know it is more complicated than that, but at the same time it is also that simple) I don't have the statistics as they relate specifically to Arkansas, but I know this ---  the recidivism rate for those who are released by a parole board is not significantly different than the rate for those who serve their whole sentence. At least that is what the  Urban Institute concluded, an organization not particiularly known for conservative leanings.  We could compare the state recidivism rate to the federal prisoner recidivism parolee rate – except the federal government gave up on parole long ago – and there is no more federal parole now. Maybe we should consider doing that here as well.
    I have no idea what this means, but in a Ark. Times article from September 21, Warwick wrote that Walker “Lives: Chenal Valley, but filed from a residence downtown.” Why would he do that?  Is he really running or not? I would ask Walker for answers – but for some reason the Sbcglogal email system seems to be having problems today.


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