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Saturday, November 18, 2006

Responding to comments

Posted By on Sat, Nov 18, 2006 at 8:31 AM

In response to Golden Globe predictions, amydancingfish writes,

I can't believe that Annette Benning is not on that list for Running With Scissors.... seriously the most convincing crazy I've ever seen.

BSR: I have not been very diligent over the past two weeks.  I have not seen this film, but I have spoken to those who have and their response seems to be well in line with yours.  My gut tells me that she'll get a nomination, both for a Globe and an Oscar, but there are some key performances coming soon.  Also, don't be surprised to see the critical buzz for Ashley Judd in Come Early Morning continue.

Robert Allen, on the eve of the release of Casino Royale, comments,

I am truly looking forward to a serious Bond film. I've grown up watching the last 20 Bond films, and now that a serious version of the first Ian Fleming novel is made, perhaps Bond will appear more than an adult cartoon character. One has to wonder though what the Bond industry will come up with next, as the Fleming novels have run their course.

BSR: Robert, go see this movie.  It's excellent and Daniel Craig is is the James Bond I always wanted to see.  Not only is the film serious, but it's intense and violent and smart.  Thus, it's far more realistic.  I'm not sure what the next step for the franchise is, but there will be one.  James Bond is back and so long as they get good screenwriters (Can you imagine what William Monahan (The Departed) could do with this franchise?) they'll be fine.

Mr. Ricky asks,

Is Christian Bale the greatest actor of his generation? I think we may hear that in about ten years. He has always fascinated me and I have always wondered where he went in the 90's while DiCaprio was ruling the world. I can't wait to see botht he Prestige and Harsh Times as soon as my own schedule permits. It's nice to see an actor's actor doing well finally.

BSR: I think it would depend on what characteristics defined "greatest."  He's certainly one of the most accomplished.  If you look at his resume: Empire of the Sun, American Psycho, Laurel Canyon, Batman Begins. The Prestige, Harsh Times, as well as the upcoming Bob Dylan bio-pic I'm Not There, 3:10 to Yuma and The Dark Knight, it's quite impressive.  Bale did not distringuish himself in the 1990's doing films such as Newsies, Swing Kids, Little Women and a series of smaller films, which is when DiCaprio and Matt Damon, for example came alive.  Nevertheless, take a look at someone like Derek Luke who didn't arrive until 2002.  He's the same age as both Bale and DiCaprio.  I think Luke is on his way to becoming one of the most accomplished film actors of this generation and his filmography showcases his ability (Antwone Fisher, Pieces of April, Friday Night Lights, Catch a Fire).   That said, if I was ranking them, I'd put Philip Seymour Hoffman No.1 and Ed Norton No. 2, although they're both a few years older than Bale, DiCaprio, Damon and Luke. 



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