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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Blogging live with friends

Posted By on Sun, Feb 25, 2007 at 6:29 PM

I'm online and ready for the Academy Awards.  I'm at a party with friends including Arkansas Times Entertainment Editor Jim Harris, eating food, drinking wine and watching the festivities before the big show begins. 

The players tonight are: JH, TH, MMK, SJ, CJ, SL and BL.

6:33 - food's coming out and the Barbara Walters special is on the television.  Just watched Jennifer Hudson sing to Barbara Walters and Helen Mirren's on now, but I have no idea what she's saying.  Glass of King Estates Pinot Gris in hand.

 6:44  - Eddie Murphy's talking to Barbara now.  Nice clip from the 80's where he said he didn't care about winning and Oscar.  Yeah, right.  I wish she would have asked him what the hell he was thinking doing "Norbit."  I don't care how many millions it made at the box office.  Murphy is funny, you have to give him that.

 6:55 - talking "High Fidelity" now.  General consensus about the quality of the film, although those of us that read Nick Hornby's novel admitted its superiority to the film.  Still, thumbs up for Jack Black.  You think Barbara Walters wants Eddie Murphy to win tonight?

7:08 - Red carpet on ABC is up and running.  Leo, Steve Carrell, Jennifer Hudson and now the costume designer for "The Devil Wears Prada."  What the hell was up with that red hair?  JH asks, "who is that squirrel asking the questions?"  A Heather Locklear ad came on and the comments ensued.  Which led us to Denise Richards, who stole Locklear's man.  "The worst actress in the history of film," notes JH.  All agree.

7:16 - Cameron Diaz, lots of negative comments including "I bet there's an imprint of her ass on the casting couch."  Cate Blanchett, my personal favorite.  "Gorgeous," says TH.  Ryan Gosling, solid effort in "Half Nelson."  Here come "The Notebook" comments, including "it's the chick flick."  People are making their picks at commercials.  "Art Direction," "Original Song," "Make-Up," "Costume Design," "Documentary Short" . . . no one has a clue.  Not even me.   

7:27 - Who is this guy interviewing people?  He's terrible.  Kate Winslet looked great.  Still some confusion regarding the nominees.  What's the difference between sound editing and sound mixing?  Hell if I know.  The's show's beginning.

7:31 - Love the intro.  Will Ellen bring the funny?

7:45 - Thumbs up for Ellen.  Lots of laughs.  Award one coming now:  Best Art Direction.  My pick - "Dreamgirls." 

7:47 - First Oscar for "Pan's Labyrinth."  I was wrong, but I'm pleased.  Looks like a good night for the folks behind this marvelous film. 

7:49 - The BSR It Girl takes the stage.  She's doing the scientific awards.  Watching the "hello" commercial directed by Spike Lee for Apple.  Great commercial.  Of course, I'm catching shit for my summaries.  Jack Black and Will Ferrell.  Yes!  John C. Reilly too. Thumbs way up.

 8:02 - "I've seen better animation on YouTube" was JH's reaction to Best Animated Short winner "The Danish Poet."  No one at our party got it right.  Best Make-Up went to "Pan's Labyrinth."  Big winner over here.  Live Action Short - I picked "West Bank Story."  And the winner is . . . "West Bank Story."  CJ also got it.  How does one get to see the Oscar-nominated shorts?  JH is calling Matt Smith.

 8:13  - "this sucks," "this is awful," "this is a waste of time," "you should not make people look that stupid on stage."  General comments about the sound effects choir.  JH appreciates their talents.  He would.  Steve Carrell and Greg Kinnear take the stage.  Best Sound Editing - My pick is "Letters from Iwo Jima."  And the winner is . . . "Letters from Iwo Jima." "I didn't realize people made all those sounds."  This dude is talking way to slow.  The other guy is furious that he can't talk.  Cut off at the knees.

8:18 - Jessica Biel is also a looker.  Sound Mixing.  We don't know what the hell that is, but we all picked "Dreamgirls."  And the winner is . . . "Dreamgirls."  These dudes shouldn't be using notes, the litigator in the room tells us.  Another speaker cut off.  "Guys in the back room"?  Get off the stage.

8:21 - Rachel Weisz takes the stage which means it's best supporting actor time.  Alan Arkin wins!  The first upset of the night.  "Norbit" sunk Eddie Murphy.     

8:31 - James Taylor.  MMK and JH love Jimmy T.  Here comes Gore and Leo. Yeah, Gore's profile continues to go up.  Show's gone green.  What the hell was Jerry Seinfeld doing with his face?  Melissa Etheridge did a nice job too.  Didn't want to miss that.  "True champion for the cause," says Leo to the former VP.  Second announcement joke.  Very good!  I wonder if the Leo clip ever makes it into an ad?  I guess we'll know in September.

8:43 - a lot of concern that Cameron Diaz had to memorize her lines because she's not smart enough to read the teleprompter.  Best Animated Feature . . ."Happy Feet."  I didn't see it.  A certain three-year-old would be disappointed if she even know what the Oscars was.  The guy accepeting the award might be drunk.

8:45 - SH wants to know how Ben Affleck still gets on stage?  Writing montage is quite good.  You can never have enough "Ed Wood" and "Sunset Blvd." 

8:49 - Best Adapted Screenplay with Tom Hanks and Helen Mirren.  My pick is "The Departed."  Love the way they're introducing the nominees.  And the winner is . . . "The Departed."  "Valium does work."  May be the line of the night.  "Ah, this is horrible," says SJ.  Yeah, it went downhill fast.

8:57 - One thing is for sure, the Oscars already have the Super Bowl beat in terms of commercials.  The Wes Anderson American Express commercial (which actually debuted in theatres some time ago) and the "hello" commercial whip whatever crap we had to watch during the Super Bowl.

9:00 - "The Devil Wears Prada" chicks presenting Costume Design.  Marian Cunningham as one of the costume models?  Ok, this is stupid (note to the PRODUCER OF THE SHOW).  "Marie Antionette" is the winner.  I missed it.  JH is furious.  Says this has been done over and over.  Pat is accepting an Oscar.  This is incoherent.  Bye - bye.  Au revoir.

9:05 - Great.  Tom Cruise.  I'm going to the bathroom and to pour another glass of wine.

9:09 - Cruise presented the Humanitarian Award.  Kudos to the winner, but I'm not sorry I missed Cruise. 

9:11 - Ellen going out into the crowd seems to be working.

9:12 - Gwenyth Paltrow presenting Best Cinematography.  My pick is "Children of Men."  And the winner is. . ."Pan's Labyrinth."  Damn.  Big night for "Pan's Labyrinth."  This is a bit of an upset.






9:21 - Robert Downey, Jr. and drug jokes.  Best Visual Effects.  My pick is "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest."  And the winner is . . ."Pirates."  MMK fading.  CJ kicking all our asses with her picks.

9:25 - Catherine Deneuve and Ken Wantanabe and the best of foreign cinema. 

9:30 - MMK says "foxy couple" to Cate Blanchett and Clive Owen.  Best Foreign Film.  I picked "The Lives of Others," but that seems like a stupid pick in light of Pan's momentum.  And the winner is . . . "The Lives of Others."  Did he just mention Ah-nold in his accptance speech?

9:33 - Ellen might be doing some of Robert Downey, Jr.'s drugs with this sketch.  Of course "Snakes on a Plane" gets a shout out.  Stupid.  Here comes George Clooney for the best supporting actress award.  Another upset?  And the winner is . . . Jennifer Hudson.  No surprise here.  God got thanked . . .twice. 

9:40 - JH has taken to the piano to play Oscar movie tunes.  His first effort goes unrecognized because, well, he couldn't play it.  Whips out "The Godfather" with his second effort.  TH picks it up. 

9:43 - The girl from the Bond movie looks "like a vampire," says TH.  Gael Garcia Bernal is a favorite of Mariah Hatta.  "The Blood of Yingzhou District" wins.  JH, guessing all night, gets this one right.  He's the only one.

9:45 - Jerry Seinfeld takes the stage.  Presenting Best Documentary Feature.  Is Al Gore going to speak?  Seinfeld makes a relevant point - the movie houses sell us crap, we buy it and then throw it on the floor.  Ha!  And the winner is . . ."An Inconvenient Truth."  Davis Guggenheim grabs Al Gore, literally.  Al Gore speaks but no announcement for el presidente.

9:51 - Clint Eastwood is presenting the Honorary Oscar to composer Ennio Morricone.  Great, Celine Dion.  They just can't have an Oscars without her.  One day the time will come. . .hopefully.

 10:02 - This has a spoof feel to it; or maybe it's a "Lost in Translation" moment.  None of the players here speak Italian.  We're not sure Eastwood does either.  Wantanabe's thinking "what's this crazy guy saying?"  Cameron Diaz is thoroughly confused.  "I thought this was a show in, like, you know, american," she says.

 10:07 - Best Original Score.  I went with "The Queen."  And the winner is . . ."Babel"  The show is starting to drag.  They had it moving there for a while.  They wasted too much time with that stupid sound effects choir.

10:10 - This should help.  They wait until after 2.5 hours have passed before giving us the Honorary Oscar and Sid Gannis.  We haven't even seen to deceased montage yet.  7 awards still to go.  Yeah, this is running past 11:00 fo shizzle.

10:12 - Spider-man and Mary Jane present Best Original Screenplay.  And the winner is   . . . Michael Arndt for "Little Miss Sunshine."  He's thanking everyone.  Everyone!  What is it with writers who can't talk?

10:22 - Jennifer Lopez.  I long for the day when she too avoids the Oscar stage.

10:25 - Our crowd has dwindled.  Only JH, TH and I remain.  Not surprising.  This Oscar telecast will go down as the best first half and one of the worst second half's in the history of the telecast.  "Patience."  Yeah, we all need it right now.

 10:44 - Kate Winslet presented Best Film Editing to Thelma Schoomaker for "The Departed."  She also edited "Raging Bull" among others.  Best acceptance speech of the night thus far.

10:50  - We're down to the final 4 awards of the night: Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Director and Best Picture.  Scorsese's going to win.  As for Best Picture, I went with "Babel."  JH picked "Little Miss Sunshine."  TH picked "Babel." 

10:52 - P.S. Hoffman giving best lead actress to Helen Mirren.  We don't even have to wait for him to open the envelope. 

10:54 - Helen Mirren wins.  But our dwindling group wants to know whether Peter O'Toole is going to win.

10:58 - The anticipation is growing.  Surely Peter O'Tolle is going to win this thing.  I just got a notice that my battery is running low, so I may not make it to the end of the telecast.  Reese Witherspoon giving the award.  It's certainly fitting that O'Toole would win.  And the winner is . . . Forest Whitaker.  Thumbs down, Academy.  Thumbs way down.  Here comes another terrible speech.

 11:05-  JH says Whitaker was the best and deserved the award.  He doesn't get to take his Oscar with him into his next lifetime.  Sadly, Peter O'Toole will never take a win with him, it doesn't appear.

11:07 - George Lucas, Steven Spielberg and Franis Ford Coppola present the Best Director award.  JH and I wonder why Lucas is there too.  Martin Scorsese wins!  Fantastic!  Fantastic!  Fantastic! 

11:11 - One more to go.

11:12 - And the Best Picture Oscar goes to . . . "The Departed"!!!!!!!!

11:17 - I hit 12 of 24.  50%.  Not good.  I finished near the bottom of our party - the especially with the remaining players who thumped me.  I hit 5 of the big 8.  Great times over here.  Not too many surprises.  Alan Arkin probably shocked me the most.  Au revoir to 2006 in film. 







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