Digital Membership FAQ 

How do I subscribe?

Glad you asked! Go here.

What do I get with a digital subscription?

Full access to the only blog that matters in the state — the Arkansas Blog, the source for daily news, politics and commentary in Arkansas. Why wait until tomorrow to read about what happened today?

I’ve been reading the Arkansas Blog for free for months. Why am I being asked to pay now?

The Arkansas Blog is behind a metered paywall that allows users 10 free visits before they are blocked. Every month, the meter resets. Maybe you haven’t been reading the Arkansas Blog enough! You’re missing out!

Do I have to pay to read the weekly edition of the Arkansas Times online?

No. It’s free, as are the regular updates we post to our food blog, Eat Arkansas, and arts and entertainment blog, Rock Candy.

What does a digital subscription cost?

$110 annually or $9.99 per month.

How do I give a gift subscription?

Go here. And thanks!

How do I cancel my subscription?

Visit Tinypass/Piano, our paywall provider, here. Login with the password you created when you purchased your digital subscription. Click on the Arkansas Times logo. Then select “Manage Subscription” and then “Don’t bill me again.”

I can’t remember my password.

Go here. Under the login button there is a link to reset your password. Still having problems? Contact us at 375-2985.

I’m a subscriber. Why am I being blocked from reading the Arkansas Blog?

When you subscribe, our paywall provider drops a “cookie” into your browser that remembers that you are a subscriber. When you update your browser or install a new operating system, the cookie is usually erased. Ditto when you run certain kinds of antivirus software.

At the bottom of the page that appears asking you to become a digital member, you’ll see, “Already purchased? Sign in to access!" You can always login that way.

How do I renew my subscription?

Digital membership renews automatically. If you subscribed at the monthly rate, it will renew every month on the day of the month you initially subscribed. Ditto for annual subscriptions.

How do I update my credit card?

Go here. Login. Select “My Wallet.”

I’m logged in but still being asked to subscribe.

Your subscription has likely ended because your credit card expired. See above. If that doesn’t do the trick, contact us at or 375-2985.

What constitutes a “blog view” toward the 10 free views allowed each month before metering takes effect?

A blog view is like a pageview. When a reader visits the Arkansas Blog, that counts as one blog view. If she selects "Continue reading" to read a full Arkansas Blog post, that counts as another view. If she leaves the blog page and visits another website and then returns, that counts as another. And so forth.

Does the digital subscription apply to multiple computers/phones/tablets?

A single login will give subscribers access from any device.

Do I have to use the same email address to sign up for a digital subscription that I use to sign into the website to comment and vote in polls?

No. There's no relationship between your Times account that you use for commenting and your digital membership account, which our paywall provider Tinypass maintains.

Can subscribers pay other than with a credit card?

Yes. You can use Paypall, Dwolla or Amazon Payments.

I work somewhere where we can't buy anything via credit card or any of the other options. How can I subscribe?

Please write or call Kelly Lyles at or 501-375-2985. She can provide you with an invoice, and you can pay it by check. You'll need to provide her the email address(es) of the subscriber(s), so she can enable the account once she receives payment. Only annual subscriptions are accepted via this method.

Does digital membership come for free to print subscribers?

No. We don’t make any money on print subscriptions. Whatever we get only covers the cost to mail. Also, the print edition and blogs are separate products.

Do I have to give my real name to become a digital member? Will the Times be monitoring my use?

No real name required. Just an email address ( would work fine) along with your payment info. Tinypass, our paywall provider, handles all credit card processing. Our site administrators can see only users' email addresses and subscription rates. There’s no mechanism that would allow us to track users, nor would we want to.


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