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    If you've watched this space for a while, you know that a few Halloweens back, we 'fessed up to one of the slightly more embarrassing secrets in our life: that for most of The Observer's 20s, Yours Truly and his brother looked for Things That Go Bump in the Night all over the state.
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    One would think that the Arkansas Times, if it truly wanted to represent a cross-section of opinion in the Natural State, would rely less on its small cadre of paying internet customers and more on those who write from outside such a narrow base in publishing its letters to the editor.


  • Racial targeting
  • Autumn Tolbert
  • Racial targeting

    "The extension of slavery is the vital point of the whole controversy between the North and the South. ... They believe slavery a sin, we do not and there lies the trouble." Those are the words of Arkansas Gov. Henry Massey Rector at the Arkansas Secession Convention in March 1861 in his plea to the delegates to vote to leave the Union. A few weeks later, Arkansas delegates voted to secede.
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  • Ernest Dumas
  • Mueller no Starr

    You remember the years-long Whitewater investigation of President Bill Clinton by special prosecutor Kenneth Starr, who indicted more than a dozen small fish — a land appraiser and a real-estate agent who had never met Clinton, a Republican or two and even old political enemies of the president — to get them to flip on higher-ups until they eventually got some goods on the president himself.
  • Gene Lyons
  • Crooked Hillary

    One prominent figure neither taken into custody nor charged with conspiring against United States this week was Hillary Clinton — or "Crooked Hillary," if you follow President Trump's frenzied tweetstorms.


  • Pearls About Swine
  • Turning point?

    The weekend before Halloween seemed like quite the opportune moment for Arkansas's freakish horror show of a season to reach its essential terminus, and Ole Miss, led by a backup transfer quarterback, bolted to a 31-7 lead early in the second quarter. You'd have been foolish to stay awake for the remainder of this 11 a.m. snoozer, right?
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