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  • Oct 27 - Nov 3, 2010
  • Vol. 37, No. 8
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  • The Insider
  • Strange bedfellows

    Michael Nellums defeated long-term incumbent Micheal Daugherty in a September race for Little Rock School Board, thus ousting a candidate the downtown business community had worked mightily to defeat three years ago.
  • Our former favorite son
  • Smart Talk
  • Our former favorite son

    Florida will have to do the honors of putting Mike Huckabee over the top at the nominating convention, but the former Arkansas resident is apparently planning another run for president in 2012. His travel is a clue.
  • The Observer
  • The Observer, Oct. 28

    One of Team Observer's Halloween rituals of recent years has been to make a run out to Schaefers and Collins' pumpkin patch in Mayflower. It is the most perfect place in the world for this time of year.
  • Letters
  • Invitation for Griffin

    Arkansas Women's Action for New Directions has received much attention on the heels of Tim Griffin's description of WAND as "radical" and anti-military. We would like to invite Mr. Griffin and his wife to one of our regular meetings, and/or our monthly pot-lucks to hear about our mission and to discuss our respective views.


  • Editorials
  • Endorsements

    The general election is Tuesday, Nov. 2, and early voting is already under way. Here are our recommendations.
  • The final hours
  • Max Brantley
  • The final hours

    Tim Griffin got some help from the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette in the closing hours of campaign 2010. The state's largest newspaper declined an ad from the campaign of Democrat Joyce Elliott.
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  • John Brummett
  • It's true what they say about NPR

    Amid the decline of news media seriousness, NPR has provided a haven for extended, substantive and properly modulated reporting. But it's true what you've heard: NPR is for liberals.
  • Bob Lancaster
  • Spook lore

    Did you know that jack-o-lanterns in general and the Great Pumpkin in particular are favorite Muslim terrorist symbols?
  • Guest Writer
  • Don't stay home election day

    The excitement and hope of the 2008 election have been replaced by worry and disappointment. This year it's all noise, attacks, and accusations. Little actual policy makes it through.
  • Words
  • Words, Oct. 28

    A writer in The American Prospect discusses the word "faggot," and why it's offensive to gay men.


  • In Brief
  • In Brief, Oct. 28-30

    Al Green performs at a $250 a plate fundraiser at the Statehouse Convention Center, The Libras celebrate 'Goose' Garrison's birthday at White Water Tavern, J. Roddy Walstona and the Business hit Town Pump.
  • A Boy Named Sooie
  • This is me after a win

    Our stars don't seem so much aligned as all crossed up. The loss of Mallett, Adams and Childs would have crippled most teams. Luckily, depth is something Bobby Petrino can control. It's even the least of our worries.



  • La Regional No. 2
  • Dining Update
  • La Regional No. 2

    We know we're lowbrow, but this our favorite place for lunch in the whole, wide world is the little restaurant inside La Regional, a Latino-owned grocery store down on Baseline Road in Southwest Little Rock.
  • What's Cookin'
  • What's Cookin',

    After sitting empty for years, The Starlite Diner at 250 E. Military Drive in North Little Rock reopened last week.

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