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  • Nov 11-17, 2010
  • Vol. 37, No. 10
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  • The Insider
  • Walmart to Riverdale

    We hear that Walmart has firmed up plans to put a Supercenter in the Riverdale shopping center. A new Target on University; a new Kroger in Hillcrest; the new Food Giant at Cantrell and Mississippi and now this. Sounds like competition.
  • The politics of judicial elections
  • Smart Talk
  • The politics of judicial elections

    Judicial elections are becoming a hot topic since conservative, anti-gay groups funded a campaign to remove three Iowa Supreme Court justices from the bench last week because of their decision allowing same-sex marriage in Iowa.
  • The Observer
  • The Observer, Nov. 11

    To the young man we saw six days after the first full day of autumn at the corner of Cumberland and Third: Where are you going in such a hurry, all of 19, and already so frustrated at nine in the morning?
  • Letters
  • Biased

    Up until recently I have been a fan of your paper; but, your recent article on the Arkansas Senate race has me doubting the wisdom of that. You are just as biased as all the other press and media in the state.


  • Editorials
  • Not his brand

    Somebody asked what former Gov. Winthrop Rockefeller would do if he could look down from heaven and see so many fellow Republicans winning elections in Arkansas. He'd likely cry.
  • Max Brantley
  • Making sausage

    Luke Gordy, a hired lobbyist for the Billionaires Boys Club, will tell you that their legislative agenda includes improvement to teacher certification procedures. But the real push is for a bill to take the cap off charter schools allowed in Arkansas.
  • Max Brantley
  • Airport scandal

    Leslie Newell Peacock is working on a mountain of information about airport operations, but the tip of the iceberg would cripple the Titanic. It certainly rips a hole in airport executive director Ron Mathieu's image.
  • John Brummett
  • An idea for our newly muscular GOP

    Some might call these lemons, meaning these new caucuses of 44 Republicans in the 100-member House and 15 Republicans in the 35-member Senate. But lemons provide lemonade.
  • Ernest Dumas
  • The villain Pelosi

    Somewhere in America, maybe even in Arkansas, there was a Republican candidate for something, justice of the peace maybe, who did not run against Nancy Pelosi or at least take her name in vain.
  • Words
  • Words, Nov. 11

    It appears that language, like government, has fallen into the hands of extremists. Pluralization runs rampant, unchecked and unnecessary. Any day now we'll see discussion of caps and trades, torts reforms and budgets deficits.


  • The To-Do List, Nov. 11-17
  • To-Do List
  • The To-Do List, Nov. 11-17

    Mountain View Bluegrass Festival, Soul Nite: "North vs. South" Edition, AC Slater, David Allan Coe, The Felice Brothers, Bill Bryson, "Boeing Boeing," 'One Man Star Wars'
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  • A&E News
  • A&E News, Nov. 11

    The Arkansas Times Musician's Showcase returns, Mediums Art Gallery reemerges on Center St., Bonnie Montgomery's much anticipated folk opera debuts soon.
  • A Boy Named Sooie
  • Hogs surprise by being themselves

    Our football coach doesn't play favorites, and he's really careful about it. It pays off when his team performs the way it did last Saturday night. Leaders emerge over the season, but new stars are born every week.



  • Dining Update
  • Carlos Bar & Grill

    Here's hoping the newest addition to Southwest's treasure trove of south-of-the-border authenticity only has a few "new restaurant" kinks and scrapes to attend to.
  • What's Cookin'
  • What's Cookin, Nov. 11

    Ryan Hamra, owner of Central Arkansas's Blue Coast Burrito franchises, has opened a coffee and gelato cafe called Gelattes in the rear of the Blue Coast on Cantrell Road.


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