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  • Dec 2-8, 2010
  • Vol. 37, No. 13
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  • The Insider
  • Wills' 'good deed'

    House Speaker Robbie Wills mailed letters to all state political candidates following the general election. He congratulated winners and offered praise to losers for trying. When we say "all" candidates we mean "all."
  • Premium tickets
  • Smart Talk
  • Premium tickets

    Ticket scalping is illegal in Arkansas, but it occurs. This weekend, some sold items of nominal value, with tickets thrown in, as a scalping avoidance device. A sign on one truck read: "Two Cokes for sale — $16,000. 16 game tickets included."
  • The Observer
  • The Observer, Dec. 2

    The Observer got a summons last week: Time for jury duty. We duly reported for the orientation and got the skinny on what our citizenship required of us.
  • Letters
  • La belle vie

    Your headline, "La belle vie" — is that French for "or how to steal from the saps back home"? I don't speak French but that's the attitude people like Ron Mathieu and "Mayor" Stodola must have after reading your article.


  • Editorials
  • They'll always have Paris

    It has been revealed that an already warm relationship between the mayor's office and the Chamber of Commerce was heated further by a sumptuous dinner in Paris, paid for by those inveterate romantics, the taxpayers of Little Rock.
  • Max Brantley
  • Another good year for Chamber

    Between Little Rock taxpayers and Little Rock sewer customers, the chamber receives $225,000 for an "economic development fund." How is it spent, precisely?
  • Ernest Dumas
  • President Huckabee

    It is only a little premature to ponder the unthinkable, a Mike Huckabee presidential nomination and, yes, even a Huckabee presidency.
  • Bob Lancaster
  • Bare nubs

    Here's another column of distilled wisdom for those with attention spans short already and getting shorter all the time. Pithy observations. Nuance-free. Money-back guarantee if you're not completely satisfied.
  • Words
  • Words, Dec. 2

    A TV announcer said the other day that the word "lateral" no longer appears in the football rulebook. What used to be called a "lateral" is now referred to as a "backward pass," he said. Disturbing news.


  • The To-Do List, Dec. 2-7
  • To-Do List
  • The To-Do List, Dec. 2-7

    Arkansas Times "Readers Night Out," Ringling Bros. and Barnum and Bailey: "Illuscination," "The Controversy of Valladolid," Old 97s, Slobberbone, Michael Buble, Sweet Eagle, Eyehategod
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  • In Brief
  • In Brief, Dec. 2-4

    Blitzkid, Rodney Block and the Real Music Lovers, Sweetwater Abilene, Kingsdown, "High Society," Cody Belew and the Mercers.
  • New on Rock Candy, Dec. 2
  • A&E News
  • New on Rock Candy, Dec. 2

    Billy Bob Thornton says that he's finished a new script with old writing partner Tom Epperson called "Jayne Mansfield's Car" and plans to direct, probably this spring.
  • Books
  • Book Notes, Dec. 2

    Mark Spitzer, Marshall Chapman and other upcoming author events in and around Central Arkansas.
  • Graham Gordy
  • I could f-up a ball bearing

    Would I trade the hours spent attempting to learn about Hegel or the Spanish-American War or metonymy for a touch of innate know-how in small engine, motor or electrical repair? God yes.



  • Dining Update
  • Ya Ya's Euro Bistro

    If you're looking for a really nice dinner — a great place for a date, anniversaries, birthdays — and don't mind dropping a little change for it, then YaYa's is one of your best bets in Little Rock.
  • What's Cookin'
  • What's Cookin', Dec. 2

    Fans of Greek breakfast rejoice. Leo's Greek Castle, home of breakfast gyros and gyro-meat omelets, is now serving breakfast (and lunch) on Sunday, from 8 a.m. until 4 p.m.


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