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  • Mar 1-7, 2018
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  • Cannabiz
  • Growers named

    Natural State Medicinals, Bold Team LLC, Natural State Wellness Enterprises, Osage Creek Cultivation and Delta Medical Cannabis Company Inc. were the five companies awarded permits to grow medical cannabis by the Arkansas Medical Marijuana Commission on Tuesday.
  • The Observer
  • These kids today

    The Observer, that old rabble-rouser, is watching these kids today, these American Daughters and American Sons who've clapped on their helmets and gone off to battle for the people they love and the people they lost to greed and violence and those who love guns more than they love a child, with something approaching a parental level of pride.


  • Rebuilding power
  • Billy Fleming
  • Rebuilding power

    If Arkansas joins the red state revolt this November, it will be because the slate of young, first-time Democratic candidates vastly outperformed Hillary Clinton on the ballot.
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  • Autumn Tolbert
  • Sexism everywhere

    This past week I was a member of a panel of attorneys addressing discrimination in the practice of law. Just like any field, sexism exists in the legal industry, especially in certain practice areas.
  • Max Brantley
  • Guns: Call the roll

    The gun lobby is wrong in thinking law enforcement failures in the Florida massacre are arguments against gun control. They illustrate why we must look harder at the devices that do the mass killing and how they get in hands of people even law officers are reluctant to confront.
  • Ernest Dumas
  • Gun history

    It all seems so urgent yet so pointless, this umpteenth national catharsis over gun slaughter: children and parents wailing for action by Congress and legislatures, followed by hesitant and often laughable ideas from the president and others about how to stop it.
  • On the memos
  • Gene Lyons
  • On the memos

    From the GOP perspective, maybe the worst thing about the dueling Nunes/Schiff memos regarding the FBI's Russia investigation is what they revealed about the intelligence of the combatants. Following the Fox News-amplified thunder of the #ReleaseTheMemo campaign, the most striking thing about the Nunes effort was how breathtakingly dumb it was.
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  • Pearls About Swine
  • All the Hogs

    We're still deeply engrossed in the Arkansas men's basketball campaign, but first, Pearls has a word on a couple of other ongoing February sports on the hill.



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