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  • Apr 11-17, 2012
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  • The Observer: Dog days
  • The Observer
  • The Observer: Dog days

    Summertime almost always makes The Observer think of the dogs of my youth, those constant companions who were always there as I tromped the wilds near Lawson Road in Little Rock, and later the fields and canebreaks of Saline County. It says something about the way that The Observer came up that the memory of summer always smells like wet dog.
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  • Open letter to City Board

    I find it particularly suspicious, that when addressing issues that impact the older parts of our city [the ordinance to require conditional use permits for stores that sell beer or wine], the sentiment is always "something is better than nothing."


  • Jay Barth
  • SIMPLE simplistic, doesn't suit Arkansas

    You have to feel a little sorry for the Arkansas Republican Party. After a lifetime of haplessness nearly unrivaled among state political parties in the United States, it is now in the midst of its first legitimate run for control of the state legislature since Reconstruction.
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  • Editorials
  • Weasel season

    You know it's an election year, and people have been looking at polls, when politicians start shedding previously cherished convictions. U.S. Rep. Rick Crawford of the First Congressional District, for one, is showing a newly acquired flexibility. Democrats think they have a good chance to beat the Republican freshman.
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  • Editorials
  • Some pig

    Not for the first time, we see that Orval, the Arkansas Times' in-house sage/cartoon pig, understands large public issues better than do the two-legged pundits of the corporate media.
  • Bob Lancaster
  • No mas, por favor

    Did you notice in Miss Jane Krutz's recent novella obituary that one of her proudest accomplishments had been to serve as the longtime international president of the Don Ameche fan club?
  • Words
  • No dinosaurs on the dance floor

    "New York City's new sensitivity guidelines for standardized tests ban 50 undesirable words that might 'evoke unpleasant emotions' in students, including 'dancing,' 'dinosaurs,' and 'birthdays.' Fundamentalists might be upset by dinosaurs and dancing, while Jehovah's Witnesses don't celebrate birthdays. Also banned are 'Halloween' and 'junk food ...' "
  • Thinning the herd
  • Gene Lyons
  • Thinning the herd

    Sometimes I think that the more time I spend on the farm, the better I understand Washington journalists. Among cows, for example, virtually all decisions are group decisions, although it's often impossible to tell where a given idea originates. Sometimes the bull leads; sometimes he follows.
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