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  • Jan 23-29, 2013
  • Vol. 39, No. 21
  • Sandstorm
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  • Church goes to school in Conway

    An interesting controversy is brewing in Conway Public Schools, periodically a scene of discord as more liberal constituents object to the heavy dose of religion that powerful local churches have tried to inject into the schools, particularly in sex education short on science and long on abstinence.
  • The Observer
  • Cranky are us

    With the master of poignant Observers off in Washington, D.C., this Observer grabs the mike to get cranky.
  • Letters
  • Kroger update needed

    Kroger stores in the black and minority communities of Little Rock look like they are in Soweto, South Africa, in the '60s, particularly the one on East Roosevelt, compared to the designer stores on the fairer side of town, the more affluent side, with folks running up to customers with samples to eat.


  • Editorials
  • More shut-ins

    There are always Arkansas lawmakers who want more guns in circulation, and the Newtown, Conn., massacre only whetted their appetite for additional firepower. Elsewhere, this would seem counterintuitive, like asking for more flu. In Arkansas, though, tightly controlled by the National Rifle Association, it is all too predictable.
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  • Easy call

    Expansion of Medicaid — that is, providing better health care for more poor people — is exactly the sort of thing that Winthrop Rockefeller espoused in the late 1960s, when he was Arkansas's first Republican governor since Reconstruction.
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  • Bob Lancaster
  • Did the alien pack?

    I've never been drawn to conspiracy theories, but I kinda like this latest one — the one claiming that the recent massacre of school children in Newtown, Conn., never happened.
  • Words
  • Taking issue

    I thought it odd to see this item in the daily paper: "Because the stock markets were closed Tuesday for New Year's Day, there is no business section in today's edition." Odd not because the markets were closed — they do that from time to time — but because a newspaper referred to "today's edition."


  • T.J. Holmes at Philander Smith
  • To-Do List
  • T.J. Holmes at Philander Smith

    Also, Drive-By Truckers at Revolution, Jon Spencer Blues Explosion at Revolution, Pujol and Diarrhea Planet at Stickyz, Knuckfest at Downtown Music, The Main Thing: 'The Last Night at Orabella's' at The Joint and the ASO at Robinson Center Music Hall.
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