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  • Sep 1-7, 2005
  • Vol. 3, No. 33


  • Thirty years after Rollerball
  • Arkansas Reporter
  • Thirty years after Rollerball

    Thirty years ago I published a short story in Esquire magazine that subsequently became a movie. The movie was only fair at best and people remember “Rollerball” as a film about a violent futuristic game, but the real and deeper subject of both the story
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  • The Insider
  • Below the Beltway

    A new UALR law professor brings a bit of notoriety from his previous job.
  • Smart Talk
  • Smart Talk Sept. 1

    Frank Lambright, a retired Little Rock businessman, has made something of a crusade of inequities in property taxes — particularly the low rates charged owners of agricultural and timber land that is being held for commercial development. The fight over l
  • The Observer
  • The Observer Sept. 1

    The Observer did not really know Dr. Raymond Miller. But we knew of him, from a variety of ways. First, we knew his wife, Clarice. She was Mrs. Miller to us, one of the favorite teachers at Pulaski Heights Junior High School many moons ago, offering schoo
  • The Week That Was
  • The week that was Aug. 24-30

    IT WAS A GOOD WEEK FOR … The LITTLE ROCK NINE. The black students who Gov. Orval E. Faubus tried to keep out of Central High School in 1957 assembled in Little Rock for double honors — a U.S. postage stamp and an instal
  • Letters
  • Letters Sept. 1

    OK. It’s a done deal. We get it. The developers want War Memorial golf course. They’ve got the juice and we’ve got the government we deserve. Fine. But just a few thoughts before we destroy something that actually is irreplaceable.


  • Old Dead Traitor Memorial Park
  • Media
  • Old Dead Traitor Memorial Park

    One of these days, friends, I’m going to pick up the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette and my indignation buzzer is going to simply burn right the hell out. When that happens — given the enormous pressure stored up inside me over Elections 2000 and 2004, the evil
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  • Editorials
  • Still not dead

    The fourth anniversary of 9-11 approaches, and Michael Tomasky has done the math. “By the time night falls on September 11, Osama bin Laden will have been at large for 1,461 days,” Tomasky writes in the American Prospect. “America vanquished world fasci
  • Max Brantley
  • Downtown: half-full

    I was in my normal grumpy mood following North Little Rock voters’ approval of a sales tax to pay for a new ballpark.
  • John Brummett
  • From Metairie to Chaffee: Gloria's story

    Gloria W. Steele, an 82-year-old retired second-grade teacher, didn't have cable television in the house at 4829 Ithaca Street in Metairie, La., where she'd lived for 35 years. She and Julie, her 4-year-old pug, never stayed up to watch the 10 p.m.
  • John Brummett
  • Seeking a culture war cease-fire

    Let’s check back on that culture war in Fayetteville, the one about books that puts academic independence on one front line and parental responsibility on the other. A wise three-pronged solution seems possible, but is hardly assured.
  • John Brummett
  • Applause, and a vague dreariness

    FORT CHAFFEE – It’s late Saturday afternoon. Somehow fittingly, it rains steadily. The drizzle produces, or maybe enhances, a vague dreariness. It’s heart-warming that our fellow Americans are saved from drowning, sewage, violence and the scent o
  • Ernest Dumas
  • A clear failure

    The special masters in the school case documented as exhaustively as it could be done just how the legislature, by ineptness, confusion or some exercise of collective will, had skirted the state Constitution’s absolute requirement that children in Ark
  • Ernest Dumas
  • President Clark?

    Here is a proposal for Democrats: They should place a special burden on those who supported Bush and voted for the war resolution in 2002 before considering them for leadership, including the Democratic presidential nomination in 2008. They must somehow d
  • Bob Lancaster
  • First hint

    The long hot summer (speaking of which, my nomination for the worst-ever casting in a Hollywood movie is Paul Newman as Flem Snopes in the movie so named) is about over. This too will pass: truly words to live by, and an epitaph for all things. Even bet
  • Words
  • Words Sept. 1

    Kerri Case of Paschall Strategic Communications writes: “I know the phrase ‘barn burner’ came from the story of the man who burned his barn to kill the rats and was popularized during the slavery debate as a name to call Democrats who were fighting pro
  • Bob McCord
  • Get back to business

    Let’s hope that the Senate Democrats in this futile Congress of ours won’t spend much time in arguments trying to keep John G. Roberts Jr. from becoming the new member of the Supreme Court. The president, the senators and the representatives have had mo
  • Bob McCord
  • Get back to business

    Let’s hope that the Senate Democrats in this futile Congress of ours won’t spend much time in arguments trying to keep John G. Roberts Jr. from becoming the new member of the Supreme Court. The president, the senators and the representatives have had mo
  • Warwick Sabin
  • Labor pains

    Labor Day weekend is sewn tightly into the fabric of American tradition. It marks the end of summer — a chance for one more barbecue or family gathering before fall, football season and colder weather. Few of us ever think about why we have the holiday


  • Picks
  • More picks Sept. 1-7

    There are blues bashes this weekend in both North Little Rock and Hot Springs. For ethnic music of a different sort, the Little Rock Folk Club has a klezmer band. Want more aggressive action? How about a fight card at Statehouse convention center?
  • Anthology of Arkansas Folksongs
  • Arkansongs
  • Anthology of Arkansas Folksongs

    With its rich music and culture, the Ozarks area is probably the most-studied region of the state. A small selection of a large collection of mainly Ozark Arkansas folksongs has been put on a two-disc box set coming out of Fayetteville.
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  • Jim Harris
  • Broyles puts on a good front

    Bill Vickery, a local political consultant and part-time radio host, and an avid football fan as well, had Frank Broyles cracking up with everyone else over a few jokes at Monday’s Little Rock Touchdown Club meeting at the Embassy Suites.
  • TV highlights

    ALONG FOR THE RIDE: HANK WILLIAMS SR. 2 p.m. Sunday, Sept. 4 AETN (Comcast Ch. 3, Broadcast Ch. 2) With all the glitz, glamor, flag-waving, posing, preaching and plain ol’ junk on the country music charts these days it’s hard to believe that the bes




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