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  • Sep 28 - Oct 4, 2017
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  • Who's afraid of Barry Seal?
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  • The Observer
  • It's September

    Yearly, it seems, The Observer has to write a breakup letter to summer, our lovely June groom gone threadbare and fetid in the heat, welcome outstayed, his crisp green button-up and sunflower yellow tie long since doffed in favor of a sweat stained undershirt, our loitering houseguest having cleaned out the fridge and talked us all into going on another beer run, twice.
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  • Minimizing rape

    I am writing in response to the opinion piece written by Gene Lyons titled "Sex on Campus," published Sept. 21, on behalf of all sexual assault crisis centers in Arkansas and other advocates who work with victims of rape and/or sexual assault. We are compelled to set the record straight with facts about sexual assault, the brain and body's response to traumatic events, and the usefulness of Title IX to address victimizations on campuses.


  • Sex-ed needed
  • Autumn Tolbert
  • Sex-ed needed

    Sex education in Arkansas is bonkers. Ginny Monk's recent article in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, "85 percent of schools in Arkansas tell kids to say no to sex" reports the results of a survey of all of the sex education being taught at all school districts in the state. With the exception of a few bright spots, including the existence of local groups lobbying for implementing comprehensive sex education statewide, too many schools are either ignoring the subject all together or pushing abstinence-based sex education.
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  • Ernest Dumas
  • Stifling dissent

    Whenever Donald Trump in his serial bouts with failure decides he must re-energize his base of white nationalists by doing things like demonizing black athletes who protest discrimination, the mainstream press falls for it and gives him maximum space and time. We're addicted.
  • Gene Lyons
  • Trump and sports

    For normal people, sports often serve as a refuge from politics. The president of the United States is not among them. Donald Trump's idea of a spectator sport, it can't be emphasized too often, is WWE professional wrestling: a phony, prescripted spectacle most often on racial and ethnic themes, mainly featuring steroid abusers insufficiently athletic for real pro competition.


  • Pearls About Swine
  • Agony vs. Aggies

    You watched Austin Allen fire that third-down pass into a "window" that was more like a keyhole, and you knew, didn't you?



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