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Re: “The medical marijuana push in Arkansas

November, I hope you're having a pleasant day. I'm an Arkansan who spent the first thirty two years of my life in the natural state. I attended public schools and received my BSE from a public university in the state. I hold an Arkansas teaching license and have worked in a professional capacity for ten years while paying taxes. My family is in Arkansas. It's a place I love dearly and I hope I'll be able to return soon. The reason I picked up and moved to Colorado last November is because of their medical marijuana laws. First I'd like to correct a few factual errors in your argument, then I'll give you a bit more insight to what I've seen here on the ground.

Firstly, the fee for the state is now $35, not $90. The laws changed at the first of the year, probably after what you posted here was written. Secondly, public use is explicitly forbidden. The 420 smokeout at CU has been going on for years, and has nothing to do with the MMJ laws. Most of the people participating are flouting laws, are probably not cardholders and are choosing to willfully violate state and federal statutes. Law enforcement monitors the situation and allows it to happen rather than escalating a non- violent situation. Kind of like all those underage folks who drink and get rowdy up at UA during tailgate time. It happens, some get caught, but most don't.

You seem to dismiss the prescription process as well. When I visited my doctor for a prescription I waited in a room with people of all ages and races. The doctors see people for all ailments, not just MMJ prescriptions. Two of my friends have been turned down when they cited extreme pain because there was no medical history and no observable issue. The process isn't perfect, but it's working. I was able to prove extreme pain due to a documented back injury I suffered in an auto accident. The doctor looked at my MRI and wrote a prescription. It took about 20 minutes, about what it took my physician in Little Rock to talk to me and issue a prescription for Oxycodone.

I have two dispensaries within 100 feet of my house. Both are well kept and operate professionally. When I first visited my dispensary, I had to complete several pages of paperwork and deem them my "caregiver," allowing them to grow six plants for me and provide me with medicine. There is a limit to what I can buy and possess and I must show my license and my MMJ card every time I enter the premises. These businesses are incredibly well regulated. To illustrate how well the industry is currently regulated, the City Attorney for Boulder recently admonished the US Attorney for intervening in a city matter involving dispensaries. This Tuesday, I have an interview with the state of Colorado's Medical Marijuana Enforcement Division (MMED). I'm applying for a worker badge so I can work legally in the MMJ industry. I have to provide tax returns for the last two years and undergo a FEDERAL background check, just like when I applied for a teachers license in Arkansas. In fact, this background check is more extensive and included IRS clearance in addition to criminal background checks. The people who work in this industry are for the most part educated, law-abiding citizens taking advantage of a booming industry. The only other booming industry in our country right now is Natural Gas and I'd say marijuana is a lot less harmful than fracking fluid.

The bus tours you mention do not exist, simply because fifty people piling off a bus and filling out four pages of paperwork just isn't very sensible. There is a brewery bus tour that takes drunkards on a tour of all the beer purveyors, maybe that's what you were thinking of.

I can't wait to return to Arkansas. I love Denver, but my heart is in the Ozarks. If Arkansas passes this legislation I will return without hesitation. I just don't want to live somewhere where growing A PLANT can get me prison. I don't want to live in a place where treating my pain without the use of narcotics that can kill me can get me locked up. I want to live in an Arkansas that allows me to treat my pain in a way that I, along with my physician, can support and LIVE with. With that I'll end and continue wishing you a good day.

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Posted by calmwriter on 03/28/2012 at 12:40 PM

Re: “Comcast sucks

Free solution that is both a life and money saver:
You will all live much happier lives if you remove your television from your home. I tried it for six months as a challenge/bet from a friend and I've never let another one into my home. It's amazing what you can get done (remember hobbies) when the allure of what's in the next storage locker or what one gagillionaire housewife says about another vapid air sucker isn't keeping you occupied.

I took the almost hundred bucks I was paying for Comcast every month and took a friend to a very nice dinner instead or went on a weekend day trip. Replace it with games or buy a puzzle (serious fun). Buy a bike, go for a walk, sit on your porch.

Reconnect with the real.

Posted by calmwriter on 09/05/2011 at 10:30 PM

Re: “Arkansas's Natural Bridge up for sale

Notice the "mineral rights do not convey on day of sale."
Translation: We've already got four gas wells on the place running 24-7 and we won't be giving you a slice for putting up with big rigs whizzing by your place all day and night to haul water from your creek up to the well so we can frack it and ruin your drinking water.

Not one single acre of land in that region is worth a dime. It's all being fracked and the water is being sucked out of every pond, creek and river within 200 miles to run the wells. We're all standing by while the gas industry rapes the "natural state." The severance tax should cover the expenses of land owners who have to abandon their property in ten years when their water well blows up their house and the kids all have cancer.

Posted by calmwriter on 07/22/2011 at 12:23 AM

Re: “Cop shoots armed man near River Market

We drove across the bridge last night around 1:30 on the way home from the AR Queen trip. As we passed this location, there were several hundred youth standing around on corners right where the shooting happened. When we tried to make the turn onto 3rd, pedestrians were blocking the roadway and harassing motorists in their vehicles. We had to veer around three young men standing in the roadway who were staring at us while blocking traffic. They were being cheered on by a group of twenty or so young women on the sidewalk. I've lived in a city of 3 million and have visited most large metro areas of the US. I've never experienced anything like what I saw last night. Never seen anything like this in LR.

I've been here most of my life, and what I saw last night will prevent me from patronizing any business in the River Market area after the workday rush is over. I'm sure glad I didn't move into Block 2. The area is simply not safe.

Posted by calmwriter on 07/16/2011 at 4:59 PM

Re: “Wednesday To-Do: Kid Rock

Is Detroit still a city? I heard you could get a house complete with staff for something like 12, 500 (Canadian $ no less).

Posted by calmwriter on 02/10/2011 at 12:20 AM

Re: “Monday To-Do: David Garrett

You've just summed up how I feel about almost every concert AETN sponsors. I'm usually left at a loss for words and wonder just how many seventy year old women are on the talent committee over on Sesame...

Maybe it's 'bout time for some of those folks who "retired" back when it meant you could just leave your desk for 90 days to actually walk out the door and let some new blood in the place.

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Posted by calmwriter on 02/07/2011 at 7:58 AM

Re: “Senator charged in high speed chase: UPDATE

I live in Perry County. Had I led a PCS officer through a multi-jurisdictional chase reaching speeds of over 110 mph I would have been pulled out of the car and had a 400 pound deputy (I've seen them, believe me) put his knee in my back and his gun at my head while he screamed at me about the law.

Holland should be charged with a felony as any other citizen would have been and suffer the wrath.

Another example of why I have no faith and utter disdain for law enforcement.

Posted by calmwriter on 01/26/2011 at 5:00 PM

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