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Re: “ACA will stand

Certain parts of the ACA may stand at the Supreme Court but the penalties for not purchasing health insurance known as the Individual Mandate have been repealed.

These penalties were mostly responsible for a 189% increase in Obamacare costs since it's inception in 2014 - leaving the program with no cost containment provisions and with unsustainable cost increases over time.

The mandate had given insurance companies to economic leverage to raise premium and copay costs indiscriminately forcing working and middle class policy holders with incomes just barely above the low income subsidized policy holders to pay the penalty instead and forgo insurance.

So the ACA may be beneficial to low income people but has left millions of working and middle class people who either have no access to health insurance because premiums are too high or even if they do purchase a policy cannot use it because copays are too high. They're better off just to go ahead and pay for healthcare out of their own pockets.

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Posted by Thomas Pope on 12/28/2018 at 5:35 PM

Re: “Merry Christmas to all, except ...

Merry Christmas to Muslims who believe in human rights and want to assimilate into American culture, liberals who aren't internationalists, and gays who understand homosexuality is a very serious neurotic control disorder.

But not Sharia law Muslims who reject religious and political freedoms, the rights of women and protection for children,

or liberals who dominate the public's airwaves, censoring and attacking anyone that opposes the Democratic Party, and have elevated blacks and Hispanics above other races to ensure their own power, and are placing international causes above American interests, particularly by supporting mass illegal immigration that threatens to Balkanize and splinter the US into pieces,

or activists who want to impose homosexuality on those people who have looked into the past and saw the absolute destruction of civilization that has occurred once a society begins accepting homosexuality.

That's what's offensive!

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Posted by Thomas Pope on 12/28/2018 at 5:18 PM

Re: “Embarrassed

Au contraire, Monsieur Lyons, Operation Iraqi Freedom was a fantastic success if you understand the multi-purpose reasons for the conflict. The purpose of OIF wasn't strictly Weapons of Mass Destruction, although America's corrupted left wing media portrayed it that way.

No, the reasons to justify OIF , are many to say the least.

Reasons that go much deeper into Saddam Hussein's behavior following the peace agreement he signed in the aftermath of Operation Desert Storm.

Behaviors such as, the attempted assassination of President George H.W. Bush, persistent violations of the "No fly Zone", Genocide involving chemical weapons against Iraqi Kurds and human rights abuses, torture and murder of Shiites, state sponsored terrorism and repeatedly threatening his neighbors, particularly Saudi Arabia.

But if it has to boil down to Saddam possessing WMD as the reason to justify OIF then you should read Iraqi Air Force General Sadr's statement that he flew chemical weapons to Syria shortly before the OIF invasion began.

And even after his trial, Saddam confided to his interrogator that he intended to restart his nuclear programs after the inspectors left.

All of these behaviors together describe Saddam's actions to set up a Babylonian Caliphate on the Arabian peninsula. If Saddam had been left alone, as you suggest there was a very good chance he would have eventually attacked Saudi Arabia to set up his Caliphate, at a time when he was much stronger, with WMD at his disposal, resulting a much larger war than OIF was for sure.

The coming war to prevent an Iranian Shiite Caliphate being set up in Syria - a direct threat to Israel and the U.S. will be fought for the same reasons. No doubt, you'll oppose it too.

There's one glaring fallacy in your criticisms about nationalism. Orwell was writing about an extreme form of nationalism (the Nazis), not the brand popular in the United States or Latin America or Africa and Asia. Those forms are mild compared to National Socialism.

However, the liberal, in this era, which as become synonymous with internationalist can be criticized as being too far to the other side, as not really having a country. Your loyalty is devoted more to international causes than U.S. interests. Those international interests always take precedence over the interests of the U.S.

In spite of all of Macron's calls to undermine NATO and create a European army, replace the dollar as the world's reserve currency and characterize Trump's nationalism as treason (the true cause of WW 1 was Europe was still ruled by autocratic governments and monarchies, not nationalism), you still praise him, the stateless internationalist that you are. We just can't count on you guys to defend the country so we'll do it without you.

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Posted by Thomas Pope on 11/21/2018 at 5:26 PM

Re: “Asa in action

It's been 30 years of flat education test scores while funding has tripled. Still no movement by the liberals for a voucher plan for private schools. Times a wasting!

Posted by Thomas Pope on 11/21/2018 at 4:41 PM

Re: “Halloween: The Return of French Hill

Banana Republic!

The Return of Keynesian economics

Obama borrowed 890 billion dollars to finance the stimulus package and tacked

it on to the 2009 Bush budget deficit, which grew the economy for only 2 years

before the housing market, employment and GDP were sinking again, prompting

Ben Bernanke at the Federal Reserve to intervene printing 3 trillion to drive

down bond interest rates to zero forcing investors to flee to the stock markets

for higher returns creating a huge stock market bubble, also creating nationwide

insolvency problems in pension funds that depend on higher interest rates to pay

retirees. Over the course of 8 years the economy averaged a mere 1.8% growth

in GDP annually, less than the average 2% annual inflation rate. Inflation

adjusted wages remained flat. Essentially, people became poorer.

Now the current Fed is trying to unwind its 4.5 trillion balances to normalize

interest rates to shore up pension funds and return the US bond market, the

largest source of capital formation in the entire world to an interest rate level

that attracts private corporations and investors who will purchase all US debt so

that the Fed doesn't have to engage in highly inflationary money printing to

finance the government. Or to pursue Banana Republic style money printing

schemes to keep a weak government spending driven economic recovery afloat,

inflate stock market values exacerbating the wealth gap but blaming it on

capitalism, just long enough for the elites to escape at the top of the market and

after the crash assign the losses to the people. Worse, as the Fed unwinds,

emerging market economies are sinking and their currencies are inflating

making it difficult for them to repay their dollar denominated development loans,

causing civil unrest and threatening to spread contagion through bank exposure

to weak economies in Europe and ultimately the Unites States.


But anytime anyone proposes an alternative economic recovery policy, such as

an across the board tax cut that has enough power to avoid all of these

economic stresses, some liberal criticizes it as a give away to the wealthy when

in fact, it's the only way to grow the economy fast enough that the Fed has to

raise rates to fight inflation, prompting investors to purchase US debt instead of

resort to money printing that ultimately leads to Americans becoming much

poorer and to a national and international economic calamity.

FYI: as soon as Congress began borrowing from the Social Security Trust Fund

to finance current government expenses it was obvious that ultimately the

growth in COLA rates would have to be reduced to continue paying SS

beneficiaries. Is that what you mean by slashed?

Posted by Thomas Pope on 10/31/2018 at 5:32 PM

Re: “No moralizing

Read Irvin Biebers book Homosexuality, Gene. Pay close attention to section in which he describes the close-binding-intimate mother/distant father family pattern highly correlated with the homosexual male. If theres a family pattern correlated with a behavior its most likely to have a psychological cause.
Next apply childhood modeling theories and an etiology of a homosexual neurosis emerges. Only in this instance the child is cross modeling a seductive mother who uses her feminine charm and assertiveness to gain the attention of her distant husband. The most noticeable characteristic of the homosexual male is assertiveness. From infancy till age 4 or 5 the child models his mother for the same purpose - to gain the attention of a distant father. Along the way a neurotic control disorder develops. All neurotic problems are about control of other people for either self gratification or power over them. As feelings of rejection by the father rage a homosexual compulsion begins to take shape. The child didnt make a choice to be homosexual, Gene. He made a choice to cope with a distant father by modeling his mother that ultimately became a neurotic homosexual fetish. Once the child matures and practices the fetish it becomes ingrained. But the learned homosexual fetish is essentially about control, not love - although there may be a kind of love between couples their relationships tend to be very controlling and abusive. There are heterosexual neurotic control problems as well - just look at Bill Clinton for example.
But unfortunately, the American Psychiatric Association panel at UCLA in the 1970s, pushing an agenda decided to ignore Biebers study when they removed homosexuality from the disorders list. There were two other studies - one in the UK and the US Air Force that confirmed Biebers study. And now half the world is living under the false notion that a marriage can be based on a homosexual neurotic condition and there will be no associated problems overlapping into the culture.
Do you understand that a neurotic control problem, a character flaw and a sin are the same thing, Gene? Theyre all behaviors that are abusive to others even if they are willing participants. Thats why the Bible opposes homosexuality. The Bible doesnt generally say why it just says what behaviors are offensive to God. People follow the Bible on based on faith and wisdom but in some instances there is research that supports the scriptures. But if the leftists who dominate media and academia suppress the research to push an agenda in the name of political correctness the people will never know the truth about this issue or any other. And the consequences of that kind of censorship will be devastating to this world.

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Posted by Thomas Pope on 09/08/2018 at 5:54 PM

Re: “The Arkansas Works Challenge

The refugee family got her money!

Posted by Thomas Pope on 08/14/2018 at 2:21 PM

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