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Re: “Election assessments: There WAS a blue wave, if not in Arkansas

i heard this quote about kentucky, but seems to apply to the present in arkansas. if the world ever ends, i want to be in kentucky, because the news won't reach there until several months later.

maybe when the farmers see how the tariff wars affect their own pocketbooks and the middle classes finally see that their health care is being sold down the river, maybe then the people who don't have the vision to care for themselves or the empathy to care for others even less fortunate, maybe then.

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Posted by deadseasquirrel on 11/14/2018 at 9:07 AM

Re: “Jon Woods to Donald Trump: Let's make a deal! UPDATE

somebody get them a copy of Douglas Blackmon's book, "Slavery by Another Name," so they can read about how a real prison work crew system operated.

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Posted by deadseasquirrel on 11/13/2018 at 4:54 PM

Re: “For Veterans Day: What would Pat Tillman say?

Jim, my impressions of how china has been functioning economically are impressions, not syntheses of masses of data. in truth, i am not sure i would trust such data and efforts to amalgamate the data, but i accept that many criticisms could be, perhaps should be, leveled against what i say. however, my impressions are not casual. the government may indeed be regulating many of the larger economic programs in china. most chinese people i have met seemed to be looking for ways to make money for themselves, not to serve the government or the greater society. these forces often give rise to much corruption, which then results in economic inefficiencies that cause the whole system to be unsustainable. i am less interested in how the wartime economies of germany and italy functioned. i don't mean to ignore you on this point, but i just am not sufficiently interested to investigate enough to contribute meaningfully. i have had a longstanding interest in wwii germany, but more in the arenas of the roles of belief in racial superiority needed to seek to impose on other humans the sorts of things that the germans (and japanese) tried to effect. Slavery, colonialism, sexism, and so many other modes of human misbehavior fit within this broad, but unfortunately recurring pattern.

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Posted by deadseasquirrel on 11/12/2018 at 12:00 AM

Re: “For Veterans Day: What would Pat Tillman say?

is china a communist country? an interesting question. my experience, which includes 40 or 50 years of working with chinese people and a fair number of trips through china, mostly coastal, but some deeper in country, not a simple question, or perhaps a simple question that defies simple answers. my experience with chinese people is that they might well be the most capitalistic, entrepreneurial, people i have ever met. is the governmental structure top-down, yeah. let me throw another wrinkle at you, my more recent experiences have been that things there are changing, and at a pace that makes both the direction and the timeline difficult for me to predict.

as to the discussion of heroes, i would take things a step further and suggest that the people who struggled in this country to try to get us out of vietnam were perhaps more in service of our country than were the people who took up arms and 'served' by going off to war. sure, some of the peaceniks might have been simply trying to avoid going into combat, and thereby risking their butts, but some realized the bigger picture and, in any event, the thesis is quite defensible that getting out of that war was a more important goal that was killing a few more humans on the other side of the wire.

please allow me to dissipate the anticipated assault by chickenhawks by asserting that walking point on a night patrol in the jungle is far more intense than is challenging the logic or legality of political incursions into nam or any number of other adventures imposed on a bunch of kids. if you want to attack me for assigning to my comments a position that i did not take, so be it, but please pay attention to what i say and do not say. i respect military service, but i also respect service to our country and to mankind by people outside of the military. i have no respect for cadet bonespurs. life is complicated, but some things are clear enough that even some of our more challenged persons should be able to see and understand.

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Posted by deadseasquirrel on 11/11/2018 at 9:41 PM

Re: “For Veterans Day: What would Pat Tillman say?

i read her article yesterday. the woman writes very well, and she thinks very well. i recommend giving the column a read.

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Posted by deadseasquirrel on 11/11/2018 at 9:30 AM

Re: “Trump meets (berates) the press MEANWHILE

back to the original issue in the title of this thread, that of the attribution of 'stupid question.' my personal experience is that questions that are denigrated as 'stupid' more frequently were questions that the person terming the question as stupid were ones that the person did not consider in sufficient depth. quite often, listening, really listening to the question can enable one to view a problem or issue from a new perspective, with a resultant deeper, or even entirely novel, appreciation of the matter under discussion. in addition, by showing respect for people willing to ask questions, one also encourages them to continue thinking and contributing to the knowledge of the group.

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Posted by deadseasquirrel on 11/09/2018 at 9:01 PM

Re: “Mopping up election 2018

tsa, the sluts intended in the story were men, gay men living in a neighborhood called capitol hill. oh, and i was able to vote for ms. skinner, despite the flood of shiny mailers i got over the last few weeks, with jason's name on them. now that sears and roebuck have closed up shop, will someone talk with jason about using more user-friendly [and septic-compatible] paper in any of his future campaigns, of which i hope we see no more than one, please?

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Posted by deadseasquirrel on 11/07/2018 at 2:13 PM

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