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Re: “Infantile Antifa

two examples, please, of exaggerations used against trump by hillary, or almost anyone else, for that matter. my read of history is that most people underestimated the malice with donny.

has bill been convicted of being a sexual predator? would you care to use more precise terms?

when bill first stepped onto the national stage, karl rove et alia tried all sorts of approaches to attack him. for some reason, and i don't entirely understand, characterizing hillary as a bitch, for want of a better word, seemed to resonate with the torch and pitchfork crowd, so karl and buds fed that and kept beating it. hillary has not been an effective campaigner, and the woman who risked her life in the 60s, going south to pursue equal housing opportunities, and the woman who was early into the Save the Children agenda, somehow allowed karl and buds to characterize and demonize her. remember bob dole's criticism that 'it doesn't take a village to raise a child?' that was aimed at hillary, effectively as the soft underbelly, rather than facing bill directly. oh, and that from a man who was wounded in service and was re-raised by his village. not to mention the endless list of school teachers, little league coaches, den mothers and scout masters who helped raise so many of us.

i might be a bit more willing to accept concealed carry as a defense, but open carry is much more intended for intimidation.

These 'facts' of which you speak, could you offer some citations to at least support your contentions? the one 'fact' i have seen on this topic is related to the 70% of political murders being conducted by right wing persons, with the left wing accounting for less than 2%.

your 'fact' on beatings of young and old might be seen as painting a picture of indiscriminate beatings of children. you may or may not have intended that implication, but data, please. look, i do not condone the physical violence enacted by the antifas, as i have said repeatedly, in part because i think it is bad strategy, but also as i keep repeating, concessions did not work terribly well last time a group began demanding lebensraum and claiming to be the master race.

now, as to your knowledge of the reasons for the founding of what is termed the antifa movement, did the founders know that you were recording the deliberations? i must assume that you were present at the meetings, because otherwise, you would not know what was being said, much less what people were thinking, unless of course you are clairvoyant. where and when were these meetings held? did they publish minutes from the meetings? even with the most relaxed criteria of reality, i am unaware of the antifas objecting to all speech, just the neonazi demonstrations. perhaps you have a list of the other movements against which the antifas have demonstrated. if so, please share with us. if not, we should keep the discussion focused more on what you term 'facts.'

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Posted by deadseasquirrel on 09/11/2017 at 1:35 PM

Re: “Former House Speaker Davy Carter speaks out against Trump DACA decision

"I know it violates the do-right rule."

the do-right rule almost always proves to be the do-smart rule.

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Posted by deadseasquirrel on 09/10/2017 at 1:14 PM

Re: “The best Sept. 9 open line

Re trump's focus agenda, trump claims to have recovered the body of Osama bin Laden and brought him back to life.

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Posted by deadseasquirrel on 09/09/2017 at 8:24 PM

Re: “Infantile Antifa

i would agree with the no masks and no weapons stipulation, but enforcement and legal challenges would present problems. another complication is the hoodie. that bit of clothing has some utility for keeping warm and is almost a uniform in some parts of this country, but a hoodie can serve to obscure identity. i agree with the no open carry, but the nra seems to view things differently. in his otherwise rational comment, just above, steve said he would not go out unless he had 'something on me,' which i took to mean packing. everyone in a contentious confrontation carrying firearms is not likely to increase the chances for a peaceful resolution or exchange of ideas. guns in bars, what could go wrong? if open carry cannot be prevented in public parks, why should it be prevented in the house and senate?

in contrast, body cams and cell phone cameras should help decrease abuses, such as by the police. the recent events involving michael bennett and the police in las vegas and the detective and the nurse in slc are visible examples of what is almost certainly a larger problem in our society. bringing those patterns of behavior to the daylight is the first step to stopping such abuses and clarifying cases in which the authorities responded appropriately. truth and a healthy dose of daylight can combine to produce a powerful tool for improvement.

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Posted by deadseasquirrel on 09/08/2017 at 9:48 PM

Re: “Infantile Antifa

Steve, my point has been the the goobers with camo and guns started showing up to posture their machoness first, and the antifas appeared as a response, which led to the reasonable statement of desire that the best response might have been peaceful, but i raise the concern that the worst response would be one that did not result in the dissipation of what i will simplify as the neonazi claim to power.

you are right that the real key to a potential, preferably peaceful, route to dealing with the neonazi movement (if that term is too offensive or inflammatory, pls substitute whatever term you choose. i don't much like 'altright.' the 'religious right' is neither.) is to try to understand the key motivating factors. i think fear is the key factor. w's 2004 campaign, as designed by rove, was based on convincing low information voters that they needed to make sure that same sex couples could not have legal access to abortions. for some reason, that simplified message resonated with the villagers and got them to grab their torches and pitchforks. that theme got the low information voters to get enraged and show up to the polls, oh, and while they were there, vote for w. it worked.

the dance routine has been repeated several times since. in the more recent election, reflect on bob schieffer's interview of leslie rutledge. separate from the issue of her complete cluelessness, the talking point that had been given to her was 'jobs.' what? "jobs" was her response to every question he asked her, no matter the question, until he finally gave up with a classic eye roll. i see help wanted signs all around arkansas. unemployment simply does not exist, but the idea that the foreign rapists have taken your jobs away from you, how did that sell? fear. trump added his special brand of grade school playground bully, from little marco to encouraging attendees at his rallies to rough up contrarians to his threats and posturing during his debates with hillary.

the standard issue white male christian does not acknowledge that he has benefited from privilege, but he has, historically. he can, however, see that those advantages are disappearing. women, people of other nationalities (not just races or ethnicity), religions, and other defining traits, are encroaching on the goodies available, which means that if the standard issue white male christian wants to secure for him and his family the house with the picket fence and two car garage, he's going to have to compete at a higher level, and he is afraid that he won't be able to do so. therefore, he wants to assert his dominance. that was the purpose of the spike in placing lee statues at courthouses, intended to remind the freed slaves and their children that they were not in charge and they better keep their place. that is the intent of standing guard over those statues, with guns in full display, to assert dominance and intimidate those who would challenge the way things used to done.

if you think that last line of discussion is unwarranted, i once again urge you to read 'Slavery by Another Name,' by Douglas Blackmon, who, by the way, is talking at Hendrix tomorrow at 4 pm.

those of you who have read some of my previous posts may notice in the above that i have not used the s/he and him/her formalisms that i use typically. that is conscious, because despite my comfort with comprehension of the mindset and rationales of the angry white male, i have no clue how a female could vote for trump.

what the angry [frightened] white male needs to understand is that change is really the only constant in life, and rather than trying to hold back the change and go back to 'the good old days,' he needs to comprehend the present, try to envision the future, and find a way to prepare himself for that future.

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Posted by deadseasquirrel on 09/08/2017 at 5:21 PM

Re: “Thursday's headlines and your open line

per norma's line, pls see the South Park episode featuring the chorus, "tom cruise, come out of the closet." parker and stone have been the poets of their generation.

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Posted by deadseasquirrel on 09/08/2017 at 9:51 AM

Re: “Thursday's headlines and your open line

borrowing from others,

EPA chief: climate change is a hoax.
Irma: hold my beer.

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Posted by deadseasquirrel on 09/07/2017 at 10:31 PM

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